“I appeal to Caesar!…”You have appealed to Caesar. To Caesar you will go!”
                                             Acts 25:11-12 NIV

I was brought up watching the Hamilton Ti-Cats football. My grandparents were crazy fans who held season’s tickets. They would even go so far as to get all dressed up in Black and Yellow for the games! Have you ever watched a football game when the team gave up on winning and got stuck in the defensive? From the stands you hear people cheer: “Go on the offense!

I’m encouraged by the example Paul gave us to go on the offense! Acts 21-28 is a crazy story in the life of Paul. It starts off with a guy named Agabus having a prophetic word warning that Paul was going to be bound in Jerusalem and handed over to the Gentiles. Paul rightly discerns that it is God’s will for him to face this trial in order to reach the Gentiles for Christ. When Paul is thrown in jail he doesn’t crumble and act the victim. Paul speaks up before they mistreat him and demands fair treatment as a Roman born citizen. When brought to yet another court, Paul again goes on the offense. He demands his rights and declares, “I appeal to Caesar!” Paul was protected and brought to Rome as he knew God had called him.

Sometimes we feel as Christians that we need to ALWAYS “turn the other cheek”, but Paul’s example here, and others in scripture, show us that there is a season for everything. Discern what season you are in, and if God is speaking to you to go on the offense then, move forward as a born-again citizen of heaven and go on the offense!


Father… Help me to walk confidently where you lead. I ask for a holy boldness to move forward in all that you have called me to do. May I stop living defensively and go on the offense as you direct. Let nothing hold me back from moving forward in You! In Jesus Name…Amen

Sherry Stahl