Today was a day of Giving.  I don’t think you can rest your head any more peacefully at the end of the day then after knowing  you’ve helped someone.   My friend Nicolle Barron and I helped at a Women’s Connection District event in Komoka, Ontario to let the town know of a new church that was there to serve their community.  Nicolle and I helped at the spa and were able to love on some wonderful people.
When we were done at the We Are Christ event we drove to the Iam1ru, Big Event Fundraiser.  Our giving was a help here, but it didn’t feel like it as we were spoiled with an incredibly delicious dinner, scrumptious desserts and fun with friends.  One of my best friends in the world, Wendy Pauls moderated the event and another of my best friends in the world Lise Miles was there as a supporter.  Strange, but most of my friends have their own websites, as you see all the hyperlinks!  What does that mean???  I think it means that I have surrounded myself with amazing women in my life who are making a difference in this world!  We all challenge each other to be all that God would have us to be!  Wendy works with Sam Welton at Possibilities International.  If you don’t know about this Organization, you should check it out!  It makes becoming an everyday philanthropist easy–I am one, are you???  Click on the logo below to get to their website:
what is iam1ru
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Sherry Stahl