Galentine’s Day Movie Tips

I assume you’re here because you’re looking for good Galentine’s Day Movie Tips but it’s funny that you’re coming to me for advice in one way. That’s because I think I’ve been living under a rock somehow and I’m just learned about Galentine’s Day… a little late to the party but I never like to miss a party 🙂 Serious FOMO with this girl.

What to girlfriend’s do, other than eat together? We watch Chick Flick’s, so I decided I would help you with a handy-dandy list of movies girls love. This list doesn’t just come from me, I asked some friends and the girls in the Soul H2O Splash group. Here’s a listing of our favourite movies to watch with Gal Pals. I’ll keep updating this list as I think of more good ones or friends share with me or you share them in the comments and I get to watch them and agree 🙂

Now, here’s the disclaimer, I don’t know your tolerance on movies and for sure movies on this list are not all appropriate for kids, but I’m assuming this is for mature adults.

Galentine’s Day Movie List of Chick Flicks

  1. Little Women (2019)
  2. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
  3. Bridesmaid
  4. Steel Magnolias (1989)
  5. Sleepless In Seattle
  6. You’ve God Mail
  7. Pretty Woman
  8. How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days
  9. Sweet Home Alabama
  10. Wonder
  11. The Other Woman (2014)

You can read about my Galentine’s Day inspired devo and how the original Gal Pal Pack was from the Bible or get some Galentine’s Day Insp for celebrating your favourite girlfriends friends on these posts.

Sherry Stahl