Do you ever feel like you don’t have a purpose? That your life is never going to hit the mark?

Today’s #soulh2o devotion will increase your confidence to believe God Made you To Fly Like an Arrow… And Hit The Bullseye!

266 fly like an arrow

He made my mouth like a sharpened sword,
in the shadow of his hand
he hid me;
he made me into a polished arrow 
and concealed me in his quiver.
He said to me, 
"You are my servant… in whom 
I will display my splendor."
~Isaiah 49:2-3 NIV

This verse.

For the past year, it’s been swirling around my head, soaking deep into my soul. I know when this happens it’s God developing a sermon in me, that will one day flow through me. The intensity of this message has been building in my heart. I can feel it beating… louder and louder, reverberating in my chest.

The Master Archer

I sense the bow in God’s hand is drawing back. He’s pulling further and further back till His hand is behind his head, so this arrow can fly far. I can’t wait to share all God’s been showing me but today I feel impressed to release just a droplet from this ocean of learning.

The arrow in God’s hand is me.

The arrow in God’s hand is you.

God Made You To Fly Like An Arrow

In Isaiah 49, God is speaking to His people and using the imagery of archery to fire home a message, hitting the bullseye in my heart.

266 Isaiah 49:2-3 fly like an arrow

The message isn’t neat. I’d love for the points to all start with the same letter, but they don’t. There are 3 P’s, then an H, followed by another P. Picked, Perfected, Pulled Back, then Hidden… to be Propelled. It’s messier than I’d prefer… much like my life! While researching for this message, I came across a statement that helped me to better accept the windy path this arrow has been released to follow:

“The saying “straight as an arrow” really isn’t true.
When an arrow is released from a bow,
it bends and twists its way to the target,
rather than keep its perfectly-straight form.”1

“Straight” As An Arrow

The words this writer used to describe the path of the arrow explain how my life, and maybe yours has gone. He describes how the arrow bends, twists, and wobbles, with different parts moving at different speeds… yet it all works together to pierce the mark.

Our lives seldom are on the ‘straight shot’ trajectory. There are twists and turns, bends in the road, times when you’re wobbly in the knees or periods when one part of your life is moving forward at breakneck speeds, and another is falling apart… but all are signs that God is propelling you towards the mark; the destiny for which He’s purposed you for.

I pray the message in today’s Soul H2O devotion pierces into the deepest places of your heart, so you see that God Picked YouHe’s Perfecting You… there’s Purpose in being Pulled Back… and when God Hides You in His quiver… it’s so He can Propel You Forward!

God Made You To Fly Like An Arrow


Father… I’m going to rest in the truth that You’re at work. Whether I’m in the perfecting, hiding, pulling back or propelling phase, help me to relax and let you move me forward; in Your perfect timing. In Jesus Name…Amen

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Drawing From The Well
1. Isaiah 49:2-3
2. 2 Thessalonians 1:10
3. Isaiah 43:21
4. 1 Peter 2:9

1 World Archer Website Accessed: 2019-06-04

natalie grant burn bright #musicpic SONG: Burn Bright
Makes Me Feel: loved, cherished, special, I have a purpose, my life counts for something—something good!
Sung By: Natalie Grant
Album: Hurricane © 2013
Written By: Stephanie Rachel Lewis, Bernie Herms, Natalie Diane Grant, David E Moffitt
Spotify Link:
Official Youtube Video:
AZ Lyrics:
My favorite lines as recorded on AZ Lyrics (link above):

You were made to shine
You were made for life…
You were made for more, so much more
Child of everlasting light…
So baby burn bright

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