Staying in the theme of last week’s Facebook Live and blog post, DO YOU NEED TO TAKE DOWN A GOLIATH?
I’ve written today’s #SoulH2O Devotion, Fight Like a Boxer.


“I do not fight like a boxer beating the air.”
                                                   1 Corinthians 9:26

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you know I’m not your typical girl.  You know I grew up in a drag racing family, but that isn’t the only tom-boy part of me.  I’m going to tell you something only a few of you may know about me…

My Family

The hot-rod, drag racing family of mine was also into boxing. My Great-Uncle Ray started a boxing club in Welland, Ontario that is still run by his side of our family.

Boxing match selling tshirts with matt and leo
Selling T-shirts with Lori, Matt & Leo at one of Uncle Ken’s Boxing matches in Niagara Falls.

Uncle Ray was well-known for training a boxer named Tommy (The Bomb) Glesby.  Tommy and I were only a year apart in age, so I remember him coming over to our house.  For a long time, Tommy pretty much went wherever Uncle Ray did.  Performing his role as an Olympic Boxing Coach for Tommy in the 1988 and 1992 Olympics was one of the highlights of his life.

Uncle Ray was inducted into the Welland Sports Wall of Fame along with the Canadian and Ontario boxing Halls of Fame.

Another Uncle of mine was a boxing ring designer and his son; my cousin Kenny, won the Golden Gloves a few times.  My sister and I loved going to our cousin’s fights.  We were the two, cute little blonde girls sitting along the ropes yelling, “Jab, Uppercut, Jab, Uppercut.”  Lori and I laugh now when we reminisce.

Paul Instructs us to Fight Like a Boxer

boxing glovesI think it’s safe to say that Paul must have been an athletic guy because he uses a lot of sports analogies.  In 1 Corinthians 9:26, he compares fighting against the enemy of our souls to boxing.  Paul knew that beating the air was a waste of energy, taking shots in the wrong direction.

Boxers who win in the ring,
are cut from a different cloth
han those who just spar in the gym. 

Training is the key to longevity as a fighter, but you have to get into the ring if you’re going to defeat your enemy.  I spent enough time around boxing clubs and matches to know that you can’t be a “one-trick pony” in the ring.

The Title Boxing website1 gives an extensive list of maneuvers you need to master in the ring: the jab, uppercut, footwork, cross or hook punch, body shot, defense, and it’s essential to have the right heart.  If you want to take home the belt, you must be trained to handle both the physical and mental elements a fight demands.  I couldn’t word it better than the Title Boxing website when it says,

boxing gloves“Being a fighter takes a special combination of skill and will, power and finesse and an unmatched physical and mental toughness.  Boxing requires a resolve to not only survive, but thrive in any situation you’re faced with.  From technique to tenacity, these are the most important characteristics of any great fighter.”2

I hope you think of all the spiritual applications as you read that paragraph.  When you approach the battles you face I hope you learn to…


boxing gloves“Being a true fighter, you are made up of so much more than a set of skills…you are made up of a set of wills.  You possess an inner belief in yourself, an intense need to compete, unwavering determination to overcome and the desire to win at all costs.  You are not a fighter by choice, but by determination and destiny.  Having heart isn’t just about being able to take punches, absorb punishment and keep coming back for more.  It’s about digging deeper than most can, more than what’s common or comfortable…no matter which side of the beating you’re on.  A physical heart may beat solidly in your chest, but a fighter’s heart echoes through his soul.”3

So, to fight like a boxer you’ve got to: stop beating the air, get into the ring, and take down your Goliath!


Father…I thank you for teaching me how to fight the Goliaths in my life.  I know that Your Word confirms I’m seated in the winning corner.  Help me to take my position as an over-comer and fight till I see the victory you have in store.  In Jesus Name…Amen

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