Ever felt heavy?  No I’m not talking about feeling fat, us girls feel that way too much.  I’m talking about feeling heavy in your spirit.  So weighted down you’re unable to jump.

That’s where I found myself after…

That’s the beginning of my guest blog, Fearless To Jump posted today (depending on when you read this) on Sarah Ball’s site:  http://www.virtuouswomanexposed.com

Last year at the Write Canada Conference I met this firecracker of a friend.  Sarah Ball and I hit it off and have been staying in touch ever since. We have a lot of similar life experiences and have been able to encourage each other both personally and professionally.  It’s one of those really good friendships that you’re so thankful God connected.

I hope you find this post inspiring.  If you’re not ready jump…I’m praying God uses it to strengthen your legs!!!

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Sherry Stahl