faithfulTonight my daughter Shelby’s blog post was inspiring to me!  She’s so open, honest and well…let’s just say she doesn’t leave you wondering what she’s thinking.  I love that about her!  In the past it has brought more than a few embarrassing moments when she “shared” her thoughts and feelings 🙂  When she was about three I had to take her to get some testing done at the hospital.  While in the waiting room she saw a mother from India wearing her native dress.  I could see Shelby staring at her checking out her clothes (she loved fashion from a very young age!).  All of a sudden she got up and walked right over to the woman blurting out before I could stop her “Why do you have a red dot on your head?”  I wanted to die!  I began to apologize but the beautiful woman, but she told me not to worry and explained to Shelby how it was like wearing a wedding ring to show people that she was married.  My kids always had a knack for sharing out loud as their teachers can attest 🙂
In her blog, Shelby talked about how life is full of changes, but how God is our constant in hard times.  I’ve been up late doing laundry and while waiting for the next load to dry I was reading the Bible.  I read Psalm 145:13(b) and it says
Ps 145-13b “The LORD is faithful to ALL His promises and loving toward ALL He has made.”  In Psalm 89:34 God says “I will not violate my covenant or alter what my lips have uttered.”  These verses are so very comforting to me when life is “seemingly” throwing a curve-ball, or when change happens.  God sticks to His Word!  He’s the Faithful one!  Psalm 146:6 says He “remains faithful FOREVER”!  Now that’s a promise I’m going to hold onto!  I’m thankful to God for taking care of Shelby when her heart was hurting so much and healing her wounds.  I’m so thankful that He is faithful to His promises, not matter how long ago He spoke them.  Seeing so many of them be fulfilled in the past two and a bit years is rewarding.  You just can’t give up because when you least expect it, God will do it!!!
So, don’t lose hope today.  Keep the faith because your Father is FAITHFUL!

If you want to read Shelby’s blog “Changes, love them or hate them?” click on the link

faithful always

Sherry Stahl