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…you’ll forget your troubles; they’ll be like old faded photographs.
                                                                Job 11:16 MSG

This weekend Todd and I were grateful to speak in Victoria Harbour at The Shores Community Church. It was a momentous day for us as they are the first church to finish our TAKE THE 40 DAY CHALLENGE program! It was extra special for me because my roommate from Bible College Bonnie and her hubby Sean are associate pastors there. I put a few pictures of us at school in the Power Point Presentation as you can see, but sadly they were faded photographs.

In our message, Todd and I quoted this verse in Job “…you’ll forget your troubles; they’ll be like old faded photographs.” We talked about how God had done so much to restore our lives after the despair of divorce.   God has brought so much healing to our lives that looking back on what happened truly is like looking at faded photographs. The pain associated with our pasts is gone. The hurts have been healed to a point that remembering what took place is a faded memory.

God desires to do the same in you! He wants to heal your hurts and set you free so that the sting of your past is eliminated by the depths of His love.


Father…help me to let you in to those wounded parts of my heart that I’ve kept hidden. Please apply the healing balm of Your love to my past hurts and let Your love heal me whole. Let the sting of my past be a bygone memory like faded photographs in the photo album of my life. In Jesus Name…Amen

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Sherry Stahl