And the LORD multiplied the people of Israel until they became too mighty for their enemies.  Then he turned the Egyptians against the Israelites, and they plotted against the LORD’s servants.
                                                      Psalm 105:24-25 NLT

I think you need to ask yourself this question when things are starting to go haywire…

Could God Be Making Your Life Difficult?

Many people struggle with verses in the Bible like these.

getting too comfyPeople are comfortable when God does neat, explainable things, but not stuff like this.  It almost seems out of character for Him.

Unless you come at scripture with the foundational belief that God is good and He is working for the good of those who love Him; portions of scripture like this and seasons in your life will be misunderstood.

If God didn’t turn up the heat and cause the Egyptians to go fully against the Israelites they never would have left.  The truth is, the Egyptians had been against the Israelites for centuries.

slaves in eypt

Living as slaves in a foreign land had become so “normal” for the Israelites they stayed there for 400 years but it wasn’t where God wanted them.1  Sure they had to do all the tough back-breaking work of making bricks…sure they were second rate citizens…sure Pharaoh had executed a genocide of their male children, but they had food, homes and clothes.

The Israelites had been lulled into a complacency mindset of
“It’s OK, we’re getting by”
and forgot the promises of God.2

God wanted more for their lives and He wants more for your life.

[tweetthis]God wanted more for their lives and He wants more for your life.[/tweetthis]

Because of God’s good plans for your life, He [tweetthis remove_url=”true” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true” remove_hidden_urls=”true”]God sometimes has to cause situations in your life 2 fall apart so U wake up and recognize you’re living below God’s best[/tweetthis]

Have you been feeling a little uncomfortable lately?  Things not going right?  Could you be living with a “getting by” mindset?  Ask yourself:

[tweetthis]Could God Be Making Your Life Difficult? [/tweetthis]


Father…I know you’re good.  I know you love me and have good plans for my life.  Let me wake up and discern the root of my problems to know if it’s You or the enemy at work.  May I not get stuck in complacency, accepting second best but to live in Your promises — Your best for my life!  In Jesus Name…Amen

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  1. Genesis 50:24-25
  2. Genesis 7:6, 35:11

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