This delicious recipe of Asparagus and Red Peppers is perfect for Christmas since it is red and green.   It’s my daughter’s favourite!  Oh I gave my Canadian birthright away there with my Canadian spelling of “favorite” 🙂  Enjoy!
1 Bunch of Asparagus
1 Red Pepper
Roasted Garlic & Sea Salt (from a grinder)
Sea Salt
Black Peppercorn (from a grinder)
Vegetable Spice
Mrs. Dash Original Spice
Cut Asparagus Bottoms Off
Cut Red Pepper into Slices
Place Tin Foil Over the Bottom of a Pan Leaving Enough Foil to Cover over Veggies
Butter Tin foil
Place Vegetables on Buttered Tin Foil
Put Spice all over Veggies
Cover Veggies With Tin Foil
Bake at 450 degrees for 1/2 hour (Less if you like them Al Dente)
Serves 4


Sherry Stahl