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  • In The Beginning-Series Intro

    On Monday I published the first devotion for the In The Beginning Series, but it all started last week when Todd and I were blessed to attend the General Conference for the PAOC in Montreal, Quebec. We were there with our publisher, Warren Benson from Word Alive Press, promoting our books, but mostly our Church Challenges to pastors.

    ‘La Belle Province’ lived up to it’s name as God did so many beautiful things there. One of the most rewarding is how he reconnected me to friends and teachers from Bible College. It was as if life hadn’t taken that crazy turn and my journey didn’t skip a beat. I was back joking, discussing and living life among friends, and I got to introduce them to my husband Todd. It was like God hit the reset button and I’m back in the beginning, ready to fulfill the call of God on my life.   Actually, I remember the day God hit that reset button.

    reset button

    In the Fall of 2011 I went to a reunion for the Bible College I attended, now called Master’s College and Seminary. I was nervous going to the reunion. Ending up divorced was not a part of my life goals when I left the halls of Bible College. I had dreams of raising my family in a healthy, Christ-centred home filled with peace and doing great things for God in ministry. Sadly, my plans were derailed for a couple decades, but God wasn’t finished with my story.

    At the reunion I was so inspired by the messages spoken through Craig Burton, a I guy I sat in class with, then Chairman of the Bible College Board and some younger guy named Rich Janes. I’m sure Rich will like that one! The most life-affecting message came through the words of another friend from Bible College, Kevin Johnson.   Kevin’s message was powerful. He talked about how God had hit the ‘reset’ button on the life of the Bible College since it moved back to the Peterborough campus, and how God was doing the same in people’s lives. I felt Holy Spirit speak to me and encourage me that God had hit the reset button on my life.

    Now, if only He had hit the reset button on my skin…

    Seriously, this was a Word from the Lord that changed my life and began to set in motion God’s plans for my future.   Over the past 5 years God has allowed me to remarry the kind of man I dreamed about as a teenager.   I’ve written a book, with my second releasing in October. God has opened up the doors for me to preach across Canada and in the United States. Through radio I’ve been able to encourage believers in England. God’s reconnected me in relationship with so many of my College friends. Now we’re doing life and ministry together; just as I had dreamed of back in the beginning.

    At Conference last week I was so thankful to be a part of the PAOC. Our Superintendent Dave Wells, did an amazing job. He strategically picked the speakers. I was so proud to hear my friend Patti Miller address the Conference.

    Dave gave a powerful closing message at the final communion service where he talked about how God intended for everyone to “sit at the table” in reaching Canada and the world for Christ: young and old, male and female, rich and poor, citizen and immigrant. He made this clear by having someone from each of these groups sit at a table on stage and take communion before us as we all did together.   Completely powerful!

    Last week I went home and read through Genesis 1-2. The truths of these passages hit me. It became abundantly clear that what had taken place at General Conference was honouring to God’s original plans for men and women to work together

    In the beginning

    Over the next weeks as you read the devotions in this series, I pray you’re encouraged and that your eyes are opened to the original plans God had for this world, in the beginning.

    In His Grip,
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  • John C. Maxwell And God Want You To Be A Talent-Plus Person

    “Do not neglect your gift,
    which was given you through prophecy
    when the body of elders laid their hands on you."
    1 Timothy 4:14 NIV

    Recently I made a decision that has the potential to change my life in dramatic ways. It’s not easy for me to choose to do things for myself but years ago my friend Staci helped me to get better at that and I’m forever grateful to her! Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my working life and decided I really don’t want to work in finance anymore. I want to pursue the giftings God has placed in me, so after much deliberation, prayer and consultation, I registered myself for the John Maxwell Speaker and Life Coach Certification Course because I want to become a Talent-Plus person!

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    John Maxwell Wants You To Be A Talent-Plus Person

    John C. Maxwell

    Talent PlusI’ve been greatly influenced by the writings of John C. Maxwell. I see the principles in his books all throughout scripture. The teachings in John’s book, Talent Is Never Enough1 emphasize the truth of today’s verse, 1 Timothy 4:14.  Paul taught us through his writings that we all have been given gifts from God to be used for the benefit of the body.

    In the scripture above, Paul is encouraging Tim, the young minister to not neglect his gift, and in Paul’s second letter to his young protégé, Paul encourages Tim to “stir up the gift” or “fan it into flame” (2 Timothy 1:6 NIV/ KJV).   Paul is encouraging Timothy to become a Talent-Plus person.

    God Desires For You To Be A Talent-Plus Person

    And, it’s not just John C. Maxwell, God desires for you to be a Talent-Plus person. John’s book suggests you need to have talent plus: belief in yourself, passion, initiative, focus, preparation, practice, perseverance, courage, teachability, character, right relationships, responsibility, and a team to be successful.

    Take a good look at your life and don’t neglect your gift!  ‘Stir it up’ by taking the time to develop the gift God has given you, for His glory.


    Father…I thank-you for the gifts and talents you have placed in my life. In my eyes, they seem so small and insignificant. Help me to see their purpose in Your plan so I understand their value. Show me how I should be working to develop the gifts You’ve given me. In Jesus Name…Amen

    Talent Plus

    #Dare2Share Post in the Comment Section below and let me know what you’ve done to become a Talent-Plus person or what you’re going to do…

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    [tweetthis]Don’t neglect your gift! 1 Tim 4:14 #JMTdna #JMTeam @JohnMaxwellTeam @JohnCMaxwell [/tweetthis]

    I DID IT!

    If you’re interested in finding out more about the John Maxwell Team or the Online Leadership University I’m a part of, just email me from my Contact Page, I’d love to tell you how much it’s benefitted me.

    John Maxwell

    1 Maxwell, John C. Talent Is Never Enough © (P) 2007 Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, TN Abridged Audiobook

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  • A Cheerful Heart

    A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.
    Proverbs 17:22 NLT

    This weekend my son and his sweet girlfriend came down to visit. I love when Brandon comes because you know you’ll have a good time. Since he was a little kid he loved to laugh and tease. He’s always up for fun and this weekend was no different. We ate too much, watched a funny movie, laughed a bunch and most importantly…Todd and I won the best of 5 series in the game of Sequence! Scripture is right when it says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine”.

    Laughing and having fun is what I believe God intended for his people. Sadly churches have presented God to so many in a drab, dreary way.  Think about this…what boring God would ever create a giraffe, rhino, otter, emu, sloth or ring tailed lemur? Another thing to consider is when God made Adam…He recognized that something was missing and placed Eve in the garden with him. God didn’t want anyone to go it alone, or to journey through life without a cheerful heart. God wants us to enjoy our time on this earth and to have fun!

    So, if your spirit is broken and you strength is sapped, don’t just go to bed. Find a friend, or watch a funny movie. Do something that will bring you a cheerful heart. It’ll be like medicine for your soul!


    Father…I thank-you for the people you have placed in my life that help to bring about a cheerful heart in me. Help me to not just sit in my sadness ever, but to follow your direction and seek out joy. May I live my life in a way that brings a cheerful heart to others! Let ‘the joy of the Lord be my strength’.1 In Jesus Name…Amen

    1Nehemiah 8:10

    #Dare2Share Post in the Comment Section below.

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  • Hungry in Turkana

    On Monday I wrote a devotional called Hungry.  I shared about how I was woken up by my grumbling tummy and one of the things that God spoke to me as I was up.  I think I could write about 12 devotionals from all He spoke to me that night!  The message about our duty as Christians to help feed the Hungry has been a call that is very near and dear to my family.  My grandmother instilled in us an eye to look for those in need and DO SOMETHING about it!  Christmas makes me think of her and how she gave.

    Christmas compels us to give.

    Christmas is the time when we remember how God the Father gave His son to the world…when Jesus gave up His heavenly home for a lowly stable.  

    Christmas inspires us to give beyond ourselves.

    For months now I have been partnering with Cheryl Weber,  Dave Shelley and the crew at Crossroads Relief & Development​ on a project in Turkana, Kenya.  If you’ve come to an event where I’ve spoken at you’ve heard this before and thankfully some of you have been compelled to join with us in helping the people of Turkana be able to feed themselves!  I wish I had millions of dollars and could give Crossroads the money needed to finish this project and stop people from dying of starvation in Turkana!  Since I’m not independently wealthy, I will give what I can and use what I can to help get the word out.  If we all DO SOMETHING the project will reach completion and thousands of families will be saved!

    I can’t express enough how much this project touches my heart!  God is growing gardens in the desert!!!  I hope you can watch this short video clip that explains the project and lets you see for yourself how they are growing gardens in the desert of Turkana, Kenya!
    [container extra=”row”][one_half extra=”” anim=””]


    Click below to read the Crossroads page on my website

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    [imic_button colour=”btn-success” type=”enabled” link=”” target=”_blank” extraclass=”” size=”btn-lg”]DONATE TO TURKANA[/imic_button]


    In case you want to read up more on the Turkana, Kenya project, click on this button that will take you to:
    [imic_button colour=”btn-default” type=”enabled” link=”” target=”_blank” extraclass=”” size=””]Huntley Street Site-Turkana Info Page[/imic_button]

    As I’ve been thinking about writing this post for the past week, Matthew West‘s song keeps going through my head.  I hope it inspires you to DO SOMETHING great and feed a Hungry soul!

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  • Fashion With A Purpose

    See my Affiliate Details Here 

    The Soul H2O devotions in the past two weeks have been particularly impactful to me personally because I’ve had some financial struggles as I changed careers over the past five years. I went from a Director of Finance position; making a salary matching my title, to a new author’s salary; and let’s just say you don’t get into Christian literature or speaking for the money! It has to be a calling, as it should be! Because of this calling, I just couldn’t give up when the vision didn’t match the provision! I just prayed more!

    In my prayers for my finances God has seen fit to do some pretty crazy things (Like in the Provision Devo and CRAZY Provision FREE Download Post)  to answer my prayers! To help with my income God chose to connect me with Helena Cho and a few others I will be introducing over the next few months.

    While attending the 2015 International Christian Retail Show in Orlando, Florida for our books; when Todd and I were leaving the show on the last day, a woman came over and placed a wrap-around bracelet on my wrist. It had my grandmother’s favorite verse on it, Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”.   This woman asked if we could wait as she felt we needed to meet the founder of GOODWORK(S) Jewelry, Helena Cho. As soon as we were introduced, God immediately connected Helena and I. We spent hours talking and praying in a hotel lobby later that night getting to know each other and we’ve continued to stay in contact. When she presented me with the opportunity to sell her scripture covered jewelry I knew immediately that this was a God connection, and an answer to my prayers in a most unusual way! God used the scripture from Monday’s devotional Fix These Words in Deuteronomy 11:18 and Deuteronomy 6:6-9 to confirm that I should sell her products.

    I love how Helena’s products have scripture all over them! If you know me, you know that I LOVE jewelry and I LOVE scripture!  In one way it seems a crazy way for God to provide, but when I think about it, me selling jewelry with scripture on it makes complete sense! I’ve always been big on having scripture out in view. I have a practice of writing out scripture on cue cards or pretty pieces of paper to help me fix His Words in my thoughts and not just my own. If I leave my thoughts to my natural patterns of thinking it can be detrimental. I love having tactful artwork around my home that has scripture on it too.

    Helena is the daughter of Korean pastors. She too is inspired by scripture! Helena told me there were two scripture passages that inspired her business GOODWORK(S). The first gave her a vision to make a company using inspirational words:

    “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law”
    Galatians 5:22-23

    About second Helena said:

    “…this verse gave me my company’s name and direction for my company”

    “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”
    Matthew 5:16

    I am pleased to partner with Helena and GOODWORK(S). Such an impactful company that provides people with gorgeous jewelry and a way to fix God’s words in your sight! I love how she is committed to helping others with the profit in her company; as Helena says it’s:

    “Fashion With A Purpose”
    GOODWORKS jewelry header Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 7.17.50 PM

    In order to make the bracelets available to you, Todd and I are going to be selling the jewelry along with our books and Todd’s Greeting Card Line at some great events this Christmas season. We’d love to meet you, so make sure to say hello and let me know you’re a reader if you’re at any of the events posted below.


    At the bottom of this post there is a coupon for $5.00 OFF Purchases of books, greeting cards or jewelry to be used at any of the events in November or December. *See Details below

    Shop Online and save $5.00 off our books.
    Use Promo Code: Christmas5
    A little help from the Stahl’s for your Christmas shopping!

    Below the event dates…I have included a more detailed write up on Helena Cho, her company GOODWORKS(S) and reports about how sales of the jewelry are making a difference around the world! 25% of Profit is given to GOODWORKS around the globe! Read below for more ….

    Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.17.14 PM THE GIFT SHOW 2015Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.10.18 PM

    IN HIS PRESENCE 2015             THE GIFT SHOW                CHRISTMAS CRAFT SHOW
    Windsor, ON                                  Tecumseh, ON                     Essex,ON
    Friday, Nov. 13  7pm                      Sunday, Nov. 15 10-5pm     Saturday, Nov. 29 9am-4pm

    Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.05.43 PM                              Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.11.56 PM

    Various Cities Across Ontario                               Leamington, ON
    Various Dates in December                                  Saturday, December 5  11a-3pm

    About Our Founder

    CEO Helena Cho
    Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 7.57.50 PM
    Fashion With A Purpose” was the goal for CEO Helena Cho.

    Since 2011, her company GOODWORK(S) Make a Difference has pledged 25% of its net profits to charitable contributions supporting in-need communities around the world.

    Cho always had a vision of being able to create something that could benefit needy communities. Inspired by a charity run’s ability to unite individuals to achieve a common goal, she crafted a bracelet—an uplifting piece gifted as a random act of kindness. Over time, her work grew in popularity, earning strong support and a loyal following. Leveraging previous retail experience and a strong academic background as a dual-major Marketing and Finance graduate at the University of Southern California, Cho established her own business intent on delivering positive, empowering merchandise to the public.

    Helena now resides over one of the fastest growing socially conscious fashion/accessories brands in the market, sold across 40 countries and 1,800 boutique stores within the United States. Highlights of the company’s advocacy work include providing home essentials to over 117 former homeless families as part of its “Home Sweeter Home” campaign, working with nationally renowned enrichment program LA’s Best to provide over 1,200 holiday gifts to low income students, and sponsoring an annual “Dream Prom” event for scholastically deserving, underprivileged high school students. “Random acts of kindness really make a difference”, she reflects, “and empower people.”

    GOODWORK(S) has been awarded with accolades from a number of organizations including the Angel Award, the Diamond Award (NOLA) and the Global Humanitarian Awards. Today, GOODWORK(S) bracelets can be found in recognized storefronts including Buckle, Von Maur, and Fred Segal. The company has also developed positive media exposure across various mediums, including features on the pages of Elle, InTouch Weekly, and Cosmopolitan Magazine, among other international publications. Helena is passionate about inspiring people to help improve their communities and encouraging the act of charity in everyday decisions.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 6.58.52 PM
    Click Here or on the coupon above to Print coupon-with LW logo 
    *Limit One Per Customer
    *$5.00 Off Total Purchase Price OVER $25.00
    *Valid on any legacyworks products

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  • Canadian Thanksgiving

    Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving with family.

    Praying for God’s abundant blessings on your family and abundant provision for the year!

    Check back tomorrow for your weekly #SoulH2O Devotion.

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  • ICRS 2015

    Todd and I are on our way home from Orlando, Florida after attending the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS). It was a roller-coaster ride of events on this trip! We left Toronto airport feeling good as we were blessed to have our seats bumped up to the emergency row…Can you say stretch out your legs!!! We had to take a connecting flight in Miami and sadly, because of the weather, we ended up not getting to the show at all on Monday.

    Undaunted, we arrived in Orlando. When we finally got to the hotel the gentleman at the front desk put us in a larger room on the Executive Floor! Again we were feeling the favor of God! We thought for sure it was going to be our time to make our mark in the book industry! The hotel didn’t have our shipments at the Bell desk as they said, so we went for a really late dinner.

    first night

    Walked Around This Mountain Before!

    Arriving back at the hotel we found out that only our promotional materials arrived, but not our books! How could this be? I had called the hotel that morning and verified with the receiver that all our shipments were received. Our hearts sunk! How can you have a book signing without books? How could this happen for the third time in my life?

    Once at a Family Christian Bookstore signing in Michigan a manager forgot to order the books in! Thankfully, I had some with me, and people just made orders with the store. The scary similarity was when I first attended ICRS two years ago and the SAME THING happened! Panic was my first response, but as I reminded myself about how God miraculously took care of this before…He could do it again! I called UPS and they told me they couldn’t do anything until 10am tomorrow. According to the electronic records, the books were probably on their way back to Canada. It was so obvious that the enemy didn’t want God’s plans for our lives to succeed! He wanted Todd and I to get upset with each other and start blaming each other. In an act of faith we began filling the promo bags. We prayed over each bag, continually thanking God for the books that would be in those bags at the signing the next day. The more we prayed, the less we stressed and the more fun we had.

    icrs 2015

    I sent out an email to our incredible prayer team and went to sleep like a baby!

    Miracle #1

    In the morning I spent about 2 hours on the phone with UPS. Finally the books were found at the depot in Orlando. With much prayer backing and insistence, they delivered the books!!!

    A New Partnership

    Our Canadian Publishers: Warren Benson and Jeremy Braun from Word Alive Press coordinated a partnership with Anchor Distributors to sell our books in the US market; guess that should really have been Miracle #1 J . When we arrived in the booth it was a strange thing for the Anchor team to have to work with “the Canadians”, but by the end of the show we felt such a connection with the team and a part of the Anchor family!

    The Book Signing

    The book signing started off slow, but quickly picked up speed. There was a buzz around the show about the new ‘writing couple’ and the book for men! 40 Days In The Man Cave was a hit! Bookstore owner after bookstore owner told us how they need good men’s books and products. They were impressed with Todd’s book and loved the promo footballs!


    At the end of the signing I saw my friend Susie Jennings coming up the aisle. I couldn’t have been happier to see her! Susie had been there for a book signing for her newly released, 31 DAYS OF MOUNTAINTOP MIRACLES earlier that day. I was so happy to see her and invited her to come to dinner with us. Susie built up our faith as she shared miracle after miracle that God had fulfilled through her lifework with the homeless and needy around the world through Operation Care International! There aren’t many more inspiring people than Susie!

    Radio Interview

    The next morning we were blessed to be on Bob Crittenden’s show The Meeting House on FAITH Radio in Montgomery Alabama. It was an honor to be interviewed by the man who has had people like Charles Stanley, Kay Arthur and Matthew West on his show. An added bonus was the “Thank-you” bag of candy homemade by his wife! Sweetness of the South!

    faith radio

    Divine Connections

    Throughout the conference, God was weaving a network of divine connections for Todd and I! None more important than another…all a part of the journey God has us on to fulfill all He’s calling us to do! You’ll be hearing a lot more about these people in the coming months as we see how God chooses to partners us together! We met Laci & Alex Corzo of Scents of the Spirit. They’re an awesome young couple venturing out into the perfume business!

    I was happy to meet another writing couple’, Tom & Jan Lane, authors of Strong WOMEN and The Men Who Love Them. They are pastors at Gateway Church in Dallas where I just bought their book and was able to meet Josh Alltop. He’s Kari Jobe’s producer and now producing the song “Water In My Desert” by Rachelle Fletcher. The song will be released on iTunes in the next few months. Author and Talk Radio Host, Shirley W. Mitchell from Alabama and I hit it off! We’re looking forward to connecting in the future, Shirley’s also going to have Todd and I on her show as guests. I was honored when Shirley said that she couldn’t wait to start my devotional for her personal study that night! We met Eddie from Spirit & Truth jewelry and thought their rings, bracelets and men’s line was great! Really cool guy stuff! Fireman Todd approved!

    Last, but definitely not least, God blessed me with a wonderful new friend in Helena Cho, founder of the GOODWORK(S) Jewelry line! We stayed up talking way too late but it was worth every minute of lost sleep! I had bought her jewelry at Buckle many times before, so it was amazing to meet her. She’s a passionate woman who is making an indelible mark that will not be wiped out. Her generosity is changing lives around the globe. Makes me think of the song “This girl is on fire”! I couldn’t be happier to partner with anyone else.

    As we wait for our again delayed plane with kids tossing around Todd’s promo giveaway mini-footballs, I’m thankful for the time that God has allowed for me to reflect on the last 3 days! They’ve been a whirlwind of God’s goodness as we walked through the open doors!

    icrs 2015

    Talk soon,

    Make sure to check out our partners in ministry below:

    Word Alive Press:
    Anchor Distributors:
    Susie Jennings:
    Faith Radio:
    Scents of The Spirit by Ego Eimi:
    Tom and Jan Lane:
    Shirley W. Mitchell:
    Spirit & Truth:


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  • Wonderful Christmas Times with Kevin Pauls

    IMG_0477As far back as I want to remember I’ve been having WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS TIMES WITH KEVIN PAULS! Kevin and I grew up together.  We belonged to Bethel Gospel Tabernacle in Hamilton, ON.  A large church that has always been very involved in reaching out to the community so, every Christmas we had some event to be a part of. When we were kids there were Sunday School Christmas Concerts.  As teens we were always a part of the Live Nativity plays and youth choir engagements.  How they let me be a part of the choirs is still a mystery to me 🙂  Our youth choir would sing in Nursing homes, other churches or anywhere our Music Minister could get us booked!  Even as teens we became involved in our church’s Christmas Cantata’s.  They were literally the talk of the town.  Every year there would be 3-4 days worth of shows for two weeks before Christmas; each one jam-packed, often with overflow seating in the lobby.  We were blessed to belong to such a wonderful church that applauded people’s gifts no matter their ages.  We didn’t think it strange back then, but now it wouldn’t be so common in big churches for 15-18 year olds to get lead singing parts like Kevin did.  At some point, people in my church recognized that I really should not be singing and they began giving me speaking roles and then at 17 asked me to narrate the Christmas Cantata with a local radio host.
    Ok, enough about me, back to Wonderful Christmas Times with Kevin Pauls!  Throughout most of my life we’ve gotten together for Christmas.  There really has only been a few Christmases that we didn’t see each other.  Our kids have grown up together and we all consider each other family.  Kevin and his wife Wendy are the closest friends I have.  They were there like “Jesus with skin on” as Jeanne Mayo says, when I was at my lowest point in life. We have become family by been there for each other through the good and the bad.   The triumphs and the tragedies.
    Years ago Kevin and Wendy took a risky move and decided to give up on the “American Dream” way of living and begin to follow after God’s dream, no matter the cost.  There was a great cost to pay in giving up jobs and the fickle respect of some people who can’t understand the noble act of following God’s call.  I remember at one of Kevin’s birthday parties and one of his cousin’s roasting him telling him it was time to give up the dream and get a “real job”!  I was so ticked.  Kevin was never visibly bothered by anything anyone said.  He just kept on singing. Fast-forward 5 years and Kevin released his Christmas CD with his now Trade-Mark song “The Spirit of Christmas”, which you should all have in your selection of Christmas music! Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 12.06.55 AMFast Forward another couple years. Last year Kevin held his first ever “Spirit of Christmas” event at the Centre in the Square, Kitchener.  It was a magical night of Christmas Carols sung by incredible artists with a large 100 voice choir, all brought together by Kevin.  It’s like a Bing Crosby Christmas special, only updated and cooler!  The event went so well that this year it was the Spirit of Christmas Tour with Kevin Pauls and Friends.  Growing from one event to a tour of over 13 events across Canada!  Throughout the tour Kevin had many big name entertainers on the stage with him.  Here’s some to list a few: The Martins Trio, NewWorldson band, Steve Archer of The Archers, comedienne/international speaker Joanne Goodwin, guitarist  Kevin Ramesssar, singer Jacob Moon, and many others.  The show is going to be televised December 22 & 25 on yesTV, so everyone can watch.  Next year there will be even more event dates added to the Christmas tour.  Kevin will host his first ever Easter Celebration April 6, 2015 with another stellar cast of singers, and musicians all performing with the KW Symphony.  It will be an incredible night I’m sure!Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 7.19.58 PM As I sat with my son on one side and one of Kevin’s daughters on the other, I was overcome with emotion.  I felt such pride for my “brother’s” accomplishments.  He could have given up so long ago when the phone wasn’t ringing so frequently, and the bookings were further apart.  For the past few years Kevin has been singing with most of the industries key people.  He says “it all feels surreal, and then I hear the voice that I heard nearly 15 years ago, “I did not give you this dream to torment you.  I gave it to you so you could fulfill it”!  Kevin feels truly blessed that God gave him “staying power”.  He takes no credit and sees it all as a gift from God.  Kevin has exhibited the faith described in Hebrews 10:35 which says “do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.  You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.”
    Talking about the increased opportunity for ministry Kevin told me “the best thing I can say is…it’s timing.  God has been at work on me and the people He would bring into my life.  God birthed this in me a long time ago.  I feel very blessed to have had the belief that if HE truly birthed it…HE would see it come to life!”
    I hope this blog on my bro leaves you encouraged to believe not in Santa this Christmas, but in the promises that God has for your life!
    Check out these remaining dates to see if you can catch the Spirit of Christmas Tour near you.  You’ll be glad you did! Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.13.01 PM Music From His CD The Spirit of Christmas can be heard on his website using this link.

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  • How Kay Arthur Influenced me as a Woman, Author & Bible Study Teacher

    Kay Arthur influenced me as a woman, author & Bible Study teacher in profound ways.  This post will tell you of my crazy journey and how God allowed me to personally thank her for the impact she continues to make on my life.

    How Kay Arthur Influenced me as a Bible Study Teacher

    I started teaching Ladies’ Bible Studies at my home church when I had Brandon.  At the ripe old age of 24 I wasn’t sure if I was getting too old for youth ministries!!!
    I belonged to a large church so about 100 women a week came out to the Ladies’ Bible Study meetings on Tuesday mornings. I was honored when they asked me to be on the teaching team after my first week there! These women were serious about getting into the Word!
    We often used Kay Arthur’s Inductive Bible Studies.  My favorite was the one on the book of Isaiah.  I learned so much studying that book, Precept-upon-Precept as Kay always says!

    How Kay Arthur Influenced me as a Woman

    Years passed of fruitful ministry teaching Ladies’ Bible Studies and then I had to stop.  It was a hard place for me, but it had become too difficult within my former marriage situation to be involved at church in much of any capacity.  A few more years passed and I was divorced, believing I’d never teach another Bible Study.
    During the divorce deliberations my counselor encouraged me to join a group called Divorce Care, to help me grieve the loss of my marriage. It was nothing short of life-changing.  I started attending the Baptist church nearby who ran the program and it was there I saw a video with Kay Arthur on it.  I had no clue that she had even been divorced.  Seeing her gave me the boost of faith that I needed to believe God could still use me–a divorcee!

    How Kay Arthur Influenced me as an Author

    Water In The DesertAfter I wrote my first book, WATER IN THE DESERT I was so excited and thankful for the influence others had on my life and ministry.  I wrote a short Thank-you to Kay on her Facebook page.  To my shock people from her organization wrote me back and asked if they could interview me for the Precepts website.
    Through all of the discussions back-and-forth I have made a wonderful friend in one of Kay’s “Leading Ladies”!  Kathleen Hardaway works for Kay in her Social Media department and directed Kay Arthur’s television show How Can I Live?  Kathleen looks 22, but she’s been working at Precept Ministries for almost two decades now!  Kathleen is accomplished in her own right as a speaker and author.  Most notably for I Kissed a Lot of Frogs: But the Prince Hasn’t Come (Moody, 2002).  
    Through my cousin’s wife Rachelle and Kathleen’s encouragement I ended up buying a ticket for a flight to Dallas and boarding the plane just two hours later!  Craziest thing I’ve ever done, and I have quite a few to choose from!  

    It was one of those Divine appointments for me to be there.  Attending the Christian Women in Media (CWIMA) National Conference aligned me with people I never would have met any other way.  People I needed to meet!  I’m now helping to start the Canadian Network for Christian Women in Media (CWIMA) this January…now called Women In Media & Music ( WIMM Canada )…but that’s a whole other blog 🙂  
    Meeting Kay ArthurBack to Kay Arthur’s Website!  I am completely honored that Precept Ministries has chosen to write about my life and include it on their website.  I hope you’ll take the time to read the short-story and how Kay Arthur‘s life and ministry impacted mine!  Link Below.
    Since the first release of this post I have been blessed to meet Kay Arthur!  Where might you ask?  At the 2015 Christian Women in Media (CWIMA) National Conference of course.  Isn’t God funny! 
    In His Grip,
    Kay Arthurs WebsiteLink to the short article about my life on Kay’s Website  Click Here!
    To Learn more about Kay’s Inductive Bible Study Methods Click Here! 
    To learn more about Kathleen Hardaway, check out her website:

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  • A NEW HEART and The Power of Three

    Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.58.52 PMMany of you have asked how Todd is doing. We’ve been going to the hospital a lot for appointments and more tests to check out Todd’s heart. They have bumped him up the list because of the severity of his situation even though by looking at him you wouldn’t know! Surgery is only a couple weeks away unless they get a cancellation and they’ll fit him in sooner.

    NUMBER 1

    This morning as we were leaving for work Todd went to the read one of the verses on the heart in the “Scripture Rolodex” I made up for him with Cue Cards bound together by a metal ring. He chose to speak Ezekiel 36:28 over his life today. “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you” (NIV).   He said it with such confidence and we both made faith declarations about how God was going to give him a NEW HEART. God keeps using this phrase of a NEW HEART to speak life into Todd’s defective one. We both left with confidence as we kept this verse fresh in our minds throughout the day.

    NUMBER 2

    I receive via email a daily devotional from the Osteen’s and I often forward them to Todd; adding highlights or notes as it relates to us. Often God has used their devotionals to spur us on in our faith through overwhelming circumstances. Today’s devotional from Joel and Victoria was called “He Makes All Things New”! They quoted Revelations 21:5 that says “See! I make all things new” (AMP). The Osteens go on to say, “When God puts a dream in your heart, when He puts a promise on the inside, He deposits within you everything you need to accomplish that dream.” I printed it off and read to Todd after work as we began to drive to our trailer. We were so encouraged that God had again spoken to us that He was going to make all things NEW!

    NUMBER 3

    After driving for hours and stopping to eat we got back in the car. We were getting bored and Todd asked “Do you have any more of those CD’s?”. We’ve been listening to the Oasis Audio of the Real Life Real Miracles book. I popped in CD 4 and the first story was about a little girl that had heart problems. SEVERE heart problems. In the recounting of her miracle journey, her mother tells how the three year old had a dream where her heart broke and the angels cried because no one could fix it. She next told of how God stepped in and gave her a NEW HEART!!!! Yup she said it, a NEW HEART! Some people will call this all coincidences, but I choose to call them Godwinks! I remember watching Touched By An Angel and the angel Tess said “Coincidences are when God chooses to work anonymously”, or something like that! Todd and I turned off the CD and stopped to thank God for his promise to us! We know God is working out all things for Todd’s good! (Romans 8:28 paraphrased)
    A NEW HEART confirmed by the power of three and a painting! Remember the HEART ART blog 🙂  The surgeon’s diagram this week confirmed that the bandaid is exactly where Todd’s mitral valve that needs repair is located!!!

    We won’t be a bit surprised if Todd goes in for surgery and the doctor says he doesn’t need it! We will continue to pray and let God bring about the NEW HEART for Todd! We trust He knows which way will make the greatest impact for Him!
    Hope you are encouraged to believe and hold on to UNWAVERING FAITH in our faithful God! Remember, He makes ALL things NEW!
    In His Grip,
    Today’s Word Devotional Email, Joel & Victoria Osteen, September 11, 2014.
    Garlow, James L and Wall, Keith. Real Life Real Miracles, Oasis Audio, CD 4. © 2012 Book Published by Bethany House Publishers.

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