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  • 4th Anniversary

    I can’t believe it’s been this long, but we’re celebrating the Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show 4th Anniversary… and I hope you’ll join us!

    Will you celebrate with me?

    4th Year Anniversary

    I really can’t believe it’s been this long!

    Below are pictures of my 1st day recording with my 1st show guest… my friend JOY! I also recorded my 2nd episode that day with another friend, Danielle Macaulay.

    I know, it’s crazy isn’t it, my first guest with the name Joy on JOY Radio! Four years ago I was as nervous as could be walking into the station for the first time to record. I felt so small and wondered who would listen to an “On-Air Ladies Bible Study, but God knew what He had in store. 

    The Bible is wise to encourage you and I with these words…

    Do not despise these small beginnings.
    Zechariah 4:10

    Take bold steps…

    Make BIG moves. You just never know where God will take you and where your first step in the journey may lead to. It could be the thing, that led to the thing God has for you!

    In HIs Grip,

    Celebrate With Me?

    I hope you’ll celebrate with me as I share with you on Saturday at noon, live from anywhere around the globe… Why I Do What I Do on the Soul H2O Rdio & Podcast Show Episode 154.

    YOU CAN WIN!!!


    Includes 2 signed copies of my Soul H2O Women’s Devotional for you and a friend, your very own Soul H2O water bottle, a gift from The Goodness Project, JOY Radio along with (2) Tickets for the RISE Conference for women I’m putting on in partnership with The Goodness Project, Soul H2O Ministries, and JOY Radio, being held September 29-30th at Evangel Church in Brantford. You’ll even get Preferred Seating for you and up to 5 friends who have their own tickets.

    This Prize Pack is valued at over $150! Another entrant will be chosen to win a signed copy of my first book, Water In The Desert. All entrants must be registered no later than Tuesday, September 19th at midnight. Winners will be contacted by phone, the next day, announced on the website and social media posts.

    Enter by Texting the words “soul anniversary” along with your name to 905-338-1250 and you’ll automatically qualify to win the Prize Pack or a book.


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    Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show Joy Radio Original Sherry Stahl
    Tuning In God’s Voice | EP #69

    Tuning In God’s Voice is Part 4 in the Hearing God’s Voice Series on the Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show Episode #69. You can find the  Show Notes at

    Grab a Girlfriend & Join Us!

    RISE Women's Conference

    SEPTEMBER 29-30

    Lively Worship With Rachelle Fletcher
    Powerful Preaching by Sherry Stahl & Rachelle

    With 5️⃣ Breakout Session Speakers:

    Ann Mainse – From A Better US TV
    Wendy Pauls 
    – Life Coach & Realtor
    Lise Miles 
    – Interior Designer & Powerhouse Prayer Warrior
    Maria Peters – Bible Teacher & Dreamer of Dreams 
    Betty Green
     – Director of Finance & Wise Woman

    At Evangel Church In Brantford

    Dessert Buffet on Friday Night At The After-Party & ALL Meals Included On Saturday

    Friends | Shopping | Food | Games | Giveaways | Gifts For All | Time For Prayer


    #musicpic SONG: 
    Overcome by Elevation Worship

    Youtube Video:
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    Where it all began

    Want to read the first Soul H2O Devotion? 
    Repeats (Do Not Worry)

    Soul H2OIf you liked the refreshing in this #SoulH2O devotion, you’ll love my latest Soul H2O Devotional book: 40 Thirst Quenching Devotions for Women.


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  • 2022 Year In Review & Visions of 2023

    Have you ever taken the time to do a Year in Review, so you can plan for the future? 

    2022 Year In Review and Visions of 2023

    2022 Year In Review and Visions of 2023

    I think you’ll be surprised to see some of the amazing things that went on last year and I hope you’ll check out the plans for Soul H2O Ministries in 2023 that you can be a part! Some start soon, so make sure to read below. When you’re done, make sure to read my latest Soul H2O Devotion inspired by creating this post… Catching A Vision For The Future.

    Much love,
    Sherry Signature - pink heart xoxo



    CredentialsIn January of 2022 I started the process of re-applying for my Licensed Minister Credentials with the PAOC as I had let them lapse since I had my son Brandon. I never stopped ministering, I just didn’t have credentials.

    At the end of June, I found out they were reinstated. In October, the week of our Refresh Conference, Todd and I attended the WOD Minister’s Gathering in Collingwood, Ontario. There were powerful services where you could feel the presence of God. We had such a great time visiting with old friends and making new ones.

    85 Female pastors Table at the 2022 WOD Minister's Gathering I was super excited to attend the breakfast for female ministers. There were 85 in attendance!!! At my table of 7, five were Lead Pastors and two of us in non-traditional ministries. I think our fellowship is changing in positive ways toward women! Praying this happens in all churches around the world.


    Won The Best Blog of The Year AwardIn the fall of 2022, I received The Word Awards – Best Blog of The Year award for writing in 2021 from The Word Guild; Canada’s most highly esteemed Christian Writer’s Guild. This is the second award the blog has won, but this time it’s the highest award a blog can receive. WHOOT! WHOOT! I can’t tell you how much this meant.


    On October 22, 2022… dreams came true for me and my team! Since 2019 we’ve been talking about, planning and preparing for running live events… and then gave up as lockdowns seemed to never end. So, when in August it seemed the Lockdowns were really over, we quickly began planning our first-ever Refresh Conference for women!

    We’ve heard such life-changing testimonies from women and are excited to get planning for our next one. With just over 230 women in attendance, we raised $1,542.00 in the offering for our missions trip to Kenya! One girl attending has signed up to go with us to Kenya (possibly another) but more women expressed interest in coming on future Missions trips with us (Check the next one out in the 2023 Visions section).


    We were able to be a part of the annual Single Mom’s Event at Braeside Camp again. Jenn Chamberlain from our team joined me and led the girls in fun with games and giveaways. I spoke on the Friday night and for a seminar session on Saturday morning.

    See Hear Love Christmas Event SpeakingIn December I was back to traveling for speaking! I spent a week in the GTA, speaking in Newmarket at Cedarview Commutity Church to over 225 women and did a little sharing at the See, Hear, Love TV Show Christmas Event held at the Crossroads Centre for my friend Melinda Estabrooks. If you don’t watch this girls show yet, you wanna check it out. It’s sooo good! I was on in year two of taping but the show and set have changed so much since then.


    Soul H2O Show Joy Radio Original Sherry StahlAt the end of December, I had a great meeting at the JOY Radio.CA Station with Matt, the owner. I’m super excited for the upcoming year of teaching and guests the show is going to feature. Matt has offered an opportunity for me that has blown me away. Get ready to her more from me and Soul H2O Ministries on the station!  5 Ways You Can Listen


    Got to have so much fun in November and December! Todd and I were blessed with a gift to be jetsetters for two days as my dad was inducted into the Canadian Drag Racing Hall of Fame! 

    Catching A Vision For 2023!

    I’m already getting bookings to speak at events for 2023… not like a normal year yet, but it’s starting! Along with Recording weekly Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Shows, posting devotional blogs, emails, mentoring women and coaching leaders, running a Life Group…


    TTD Online CourseRelaunching Traveling Through The Desert With You 8-Week Online Course & Coaching for the 2nd Cohort. Interested? Sign up for information HERE

    Traveling to see my daughter in Florida!!!! Woohoo!!!! Speaking in Chatham at a Women’s Event on the 23rd.


    Launching Leading Transformational Bible Studies 6-Week Online Course & Coaching


    KENYA—Delayed from 2020… Happening in 2023! From April 19-May 3, 2023 I’ll be travelling with a small team of women to speak at the Queen’s Conference in Kagan, Kenya to about 200 women… it’s a dream coming true! We’re getting to meet with women one-on-one and bless them individually too. At the end we’re going on a Safari! How crazy is that?


    We’re traveling again to Mexico for my son’s wedding to the love of his life, Niall! Woohoo!!!! I’ll be speaking in Petrolia for Mother’s Day right when we get back.


    Launching reDefining Me – In Who God Says I Am Online Course

    FALL 2023

    REFRESH CONFERENCE1-3 Refresh *Live* Conferences for women (Leamington and 1-2 other cities in Ontario)


    FALL 2023 OR EARLY/SPRING 2024

    Trip to Israel

    Israel flagWe’re planning a trip to Israel with renowned teacher and author, Joe Amaral. This one you could even bring your hubby along for!

    • If this interests you, subscribe HERE to receive information as we make plans.

    Missions Trip to Guatemala

    Sherry with women in GuatemalaWe’re talking about doing a trip to Guatemala where we help with the Maternity Hospital and Women’s health in hospitals. If there’s interest, we’ll be raising money to provide Mammograms for women. We would also be leading women’s events to pour out love on the women of Guatemala.

    • If this interests you, subscribe HERE to receive information as we make plans.

    Please, let us know what you're interested in. Send an email to:

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  • Refresh Conference 2022

    Have you heard about the Soul H2O Sisterhood Refresh Conference 2022?

    It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

    Watch the video to learn more.

    Soul H2O Sisterhood

    It’s time for us to get together *LIVE*

    Check out all the details on the Refresh Page.

    Refresh Promo Graphic 1

    Hope you’ll be there!

    Soul H2O Resources

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  • I was Shortlisted In 3 Categories!

    Back in 2017, I won The Word Awards – Article Devotional/Inspirational Category for my post on “The Teenager” in my Celebrating The Women of The Christmas Series

    This year, I was shortlisted in three categories!!!! 

    2022 shortlisted The Word Awards

    So exciting! I hope you cheer me on for…

    The 2022 Word Awards Celebration

    Hosted by Tara K. Ross and Murray Pura

    Watch the Recorded Show on TWA Facebook Page & The Word Guild YouTube Channel

    DOWNLOAD THE SHORT LIST –>The Word Awards Shortlist

    Soul H2O Resources

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  • The Fight For Peace Of Mind

    This week Remembrance Day ceremonies will be held all over Canada as our American friends honor Veteran’s Day. We live in some of the most peaceful places on the planet, but it didn’t just happen. Soldiers had to fight for us to experience the freedom that brings peace, much like you have to fight for peace of mind.

    Soul H2O Devotion

    The Fight The Fight For Peace Of MindFor Peace Of Mind

    A peaceful mind doesn’t just mysteriously happen, it will only be attained if you fight for it. Thankfully this conflict isn’t fought on the battlefield of combat but combatted in the battlefield of your mind. 

    I really think Philippians 4:6-8 is a great template for learning how to conquer in the battle for a peaceful mind, so let me remind you of what Paul said in Philippians 4:6-8.

    Philippians 4:7Don’t be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

    If you want peace in your life, you have to fight for peace in your mind first, before you deal with your problems.

    The first way to peace in your mind is to not worry about anything

    I bet you’re thinking, Seriously??? How can I do that? It’s unrealistic…If Paul was in my shoes, he’d worry…

    I just wonder, if it make any difference when I tell you that Paul was in prison when he wrote these verses? If you compare all of Paul’s writings, I think you’ll see how the book of Philippians, over the others, exudes joy, and he wrote it from a place of wrongful imprisonment. 

    So, how do you not worry about anything???  

    Follow the second way to peace in your mind – pray about everything!

    Turn fear into faith by disciplining your mind to pray, every time you worry.

    When you start to feel afraid your kids are going to get hurt riding their bikes, driving the car or dating that guy…Pray… Lord, I thank you for protecting my children.

    When you’re afraid of losing your job… Pray… Lord I thank you that this company is not my provider, You are. I look forward to seeing how you’ll provide for my needs.

    If you’re afraid of your marriage falling apart… Pray… Lord I bring my marriage to You right now. Fill us with a deep love for each other that will stand the tests of time.

    Turn fear and anxiety into catalysts for prayer.

    My theory is that the devil will clue in and realize he’s bringing on good things by causing you to fear and eventually he’ll give up… maybe??? Ya, as if!

    The third and last way to peace in your mind is to think on good things 

    And what is gooder than God? Nothing. 

    Put some worship music on, throw your hands up in the air and begin praising God. It won’t be long until your burdens are lifted, anxiety alleviated, and your heart healed. Then you’ll be in your right mind to deal with your problems.

    Does God’s peace make sense?   

    Not at all, it transcends Understanding and goes beyond human understanding

    • • Don’t worry about anything
    • • Pray about everything 
    • • Focus Your Thoughts on God.

    Then, tackle your problems.

    Rinse and Repeat.

    The fight for peace of mind is just that simple.


    Father… Thank you for giving me the mind of Christ with the ability to control my thoughts. I’m so grateful you provided a plan for peace of mind in your word. Please help me to not be anxious, pray more and think on Your goodness to keep the peace. In Jesus Name…Amen

    Drawing from the well

    Verses to help fill up your well.

    1. 1. Philippians 4:6-8
    2. 2. Isaiah 26:3
    3. 3. John 16:33
    4. 4. John 14:27

    Soul H2O Resources

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    #musicpic SONG: 
    Peace Be Still by Hope Darst
    Youtube Video:

    Soul H2O Spotify Playlist:
    Online | On App


    In Fight For Peace, Kay Wyma is back again, talking about her latest book, The Peace Project and how you can experience true peace on the Soul H2O Radio & Podcast show. 

    You can find today’s Show Notes at

    Splash Online Event

    Snakes & Ladders  – Sometimes You’re Up, Sometimes You’re Down from the ‘Child-Like Faith’ Series is our November Online Splash event hosted by Sherry Stahl and the #SoulH2O Team. 

    Join us in the Soul H2 Splash Facebook Group or sign up for Splash emails in the group and see us on Zoom.


    Devotions Related to Peace of Mind

    Soul H2OIf you liked the refreshing in this #SoulH2O devotion, you’ll love my latest Soul H2O Devotional book: 40 Thirst Quenching Devotions for Women.


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  • A Different Kind of Black Friday Spending Spree

    It’s Black Friday and I know in North America that means shop-ping… and lots of it, but can I ask you to consider spending some of your hard-earned dollars in a different way? This Black Friday I’m hoping will be a much more purposeful spending spree for you as we partner together to make a difference in this world.

    Tomorrow, I’m helping run a socially distanced and MUCH NEEDED Single Mom’s event with the leadership of Braeside Camp.  The PAOC has been committed to helping Single Moms for years with events in many of the districts across Canada. I’ve spoken at a few but the girls who attend the one at Braeside in Paris, Ontario have become my sisters… my friends.

    Over the past few months, I’ve heard countless stories how difficult Lockdown has been during Covid-19. Some mothers have gone months without any help, stuck inside small spaces with young kids, having to be teacher, parent & friend… an impossible task. The financial toll has been overwhelming for much of this group. Forbes magazine and many other publications have written about the disproportionate socio-economic fall-out for women with job loss rates highest for the feminine gender.

    As a team, it’s our desire to help lighten their load.  Because of restrictions, we’re not able to run the normal weekend retreat for moms and kids but we’re hosting as many mom’s as we’re allowed and making sure everyone is kept safe, giving the moms a day away to get pampered and receive spiritual refreshing. Each mother will leave with food to take home and gifts provided by donors.


    I’m asking if you might partner with me to help the Single moms by donating to provide one book per attendee. The 10 Best Decisions a Single Mom Can Make: A Biblical Guide for Navigating Family Life on Your Own. I was introduced to the author, PeggySue Wells by her publicist. I can’t wait for you to hear her interview on Soul H2O Radio in December. This book will help these women and I wish I had this information when I was in the thick-of-it.  If enough donations come in, we can even send them out to all the Single Moms on our full list.  Parasource, Canada’s Online Christian Retailer has offered the books at a discounted rate, so making this dream a reality is within reach.

    Months ago, I finished the training for my charitable status to help cover expenses of running a ministry. I’m thankful to be able to offer you a tax receipt for each donation over $10.00 whether you’re from Canada or the USA. 

    I’m also making you aware of another opportunity to make a difference in a woman’s life… a woman behind bars.  For years, I’ve been providing my book, Water In The Desert to a detention center in Canada where a chaplain helps women use the book and Study Guide. I would love to be able to give more this Christmas. Your partnership in these two female-focused endeavors is will make a difference!

    • A Donation of $15 covers the expense of getting PeggySue’s book to a Single Mom.
    • A Donation of $20 provides a copy of Water In The Desert to a woman in prison this Christmas.
    • Any Donations, whether monthly or one-time to help fund the ministry would be greatly appreciated.



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  • I’d Love For You To Partner With Me!

    I’m so excited to be writing this email! It’s been a long time in the making. Since the release of Water In The Desert in January 2013, the start of a speaking ministry and the writing of weekly Soul H2O Devotions that have refreshed thousands, I have diligently been working to speak or write wherever God opens the door. Lately, God has been opening crazy amazing doors!


    Wendy Pauls

    On September 7, 2019 Soul H2O Radio and the Soul H2O Podcast version released on the airwaves throughout the world!  This is an unbelievable opportunity given by Joy Radio as they believe God directed them to partner with me in producing a woman’s radio show with Biblical teaching.

    If you haven’t heard it yet, I think this weekend’s episode Learning How To Dream Again with my life-coaching friend Wendy Pauls, is a great one to start with.  Here’s a link for the iTunes App on iPhones but you can literally get the podcast version anywhere you listen to podcasts.  Just search “Soul H2O Podcast”.

    This Saturday I interview Rachelle Fletcher on the show.  She’s an author and Christian recording artist from Texas. She also happens to be married to my cousin Bill and is one of my BFF’s.

    A few years ago, Rachelle wrote a song that will fully debut on the show.  I’m sending out a gift to you—a song download of Water In My Desert produced by Kari Jobe’s producer Josh Alltop to you through this list later today or on Friday.

    I’m just trying to get the technology working :).


    The day after my first recording of Soul H2O Radio I woke up with the word Magellan in my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about the word no matter what I tried but I didn’t know what the meaning was.

    When I googled for a definition, I found out that what I thought was a word, was really a person. Magellan was the first person to circumnavigate the globe.

    As I read this, I immediately felt God was saying the radio show would circumnavigate the globe. Again, I sensed God confirming to me that His call on my life was global; something I’ve felt and has been confirmed through others since I was a teen.


    This call is beyond me…
    It’s not about me…
    It’s all about Him reaching the nations.

    God keeps opening up the door for me to speak internationally or do missions work in some way. Last year, I was asked to speak at a women’s conference in Uganda by a verified organization but had to turn it down since I didn’t have the funds. Now I’ve been asked to consider going back to Guatemala & to Kenya!

    I want to help more people in more places but if I am going to accomplish this dream and follow the call of God on my life to reach the nations, I need partners to prayerfully and financially come alongside me in ministry.

    This is where you come in.

    Over the past few years, people have talked to me about donating towards ministry, recognizing I receive little or no monetary compensation for things like writing and sending out the weekly Soul H2O Devotions, the expense of websites, email platforms, etc., missions trips, and some of the speaking engagements I take on that can’t pay enough. Sadly, I had no way to provide charitable donation receipts.

    This has all changed as I, under the name Legacy Works—Eternal Impact (Our ministry & company name), have now been approved for charitable status as a Department of Artists in Christian Testimony (A.C.T. Intl and A.C.T. Canada)!

    We can now receive donations for ministry, and you will be receipted through A.C.T. Intl!
    Available for people in Canada, USA, Kenya and many other nations around the world.


    God has provided a large portion of the production expense already for the radio show but there is still a portion that needs to be raised for production through advertising on the show.

    my joy radioIf you or anyone you know has a business that could benefit from advertising in the GTA through Joy Radio on AM 1250 or worldwide through online streaming and in the podcast format, please reply to this email and let me know.

    There is also a need for my time investment to be compensated for the Soul H2O radio show, devotions, and some speaking engagements.

    I’ve been diligently and gladly working on the radio show, travelling 3 ½ hours away to the station, setting up the interviews, recording shows, promotional clips, and the Soul H2O Teaching Segments. I’m loving it and hearing great feedback!

    There is also a need to help cover the operational expenses of these ministry ventures. I’m so grateful for the opportunity the Lord has afforded me and trust He is going to provide.


    You must each decide in your heart how much to give.
    And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure.

    “For God loves a person who gives cheerfully.”
    2 Corinthians 9:7

    There is NO pressure to give from me. None whatsoever. I love you regardless of whether you feel to give or not and trust God will put it on the hearts of the right people at the right time to partner with me as I seek to follow His direction. I do hope you’ll continue receiving the Soul H2O Devotions and stay refreshed!

    If you do sense Holy Spirit nudging you to consider partnering with me in these ministry adventures and operational expenses, I would be honoured and commit to using the funds responsibly with the covering of A.C.T. Intl’s guidance and reporting regimen.

    If you have any questions about becoming a monthly partner, one-time-giving or what the donations would be used for; please feel free to email me and ask for the answers you might need to discern if the ministry of me, Sherry Stahl, is the good seed God wants you to sow your offerings into.

    May God Bless Your Day!

    Much love colour

    I’d Love For You To Partner With Me!


    ACT Donations In The United States

    ACT Donations In Canada

    Join The Prayer Team To Cover Sherry When She Ministers

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  • I Was Shortlisted For a Word Guild Award!

    I’ve got to confess…I’m nervous writing this post.  Fear, insecurity…and admittedly a bit of pride has kept me from posting this news, until now.  When I first found out that I was shortlisted for a Word Guild Award I was ecstatic and immediately posted the news on Facebook.  After I made the post I got nervous.  When I looked at who was also shortlisted my elation turned to deflation.  I felt I really didn’t stand much of a chance in winning and worried what people would think if I posted about it and lost.  Yes…I’m completely human too 🙂

    Since the Facebook post, I haven’t told many people.  Today I was talking about it with Todd and my stepson Brandon when Brandon gave me some advice I would share with a friend.  He said, “Sherry, it’s an honour just to be nominated and shortlisted.”  How do kids get so smart 🙂

    So, here’s my formal announcement…drum roll please…

    Word Guild AwardI Was Shortlisted For a Word Guild Award!


    I am completely honoured that a post on my Soul H2O Blog has been shortlisted in the following Category with two talented writers.  Whomever wins, we’re all blessed to be considered.

    Check Here to see the full Word Guild Awards Shortlist

    Shortlisted Category:  Article – Inspirational/Devotional

    Carolyn Arends of Surrey, B.C. for “Artful Discipleship” (Faith Today)
    Daniel Blackwell of North York, Ont. for “Taking Off the Masks – The need for recovery groups in our churches” (Testimony Magazine)
    Sherry Stahl of Leamington, Ont. for “The Women Of The Christmas Story – The Teenager” (

    Carolyn Arends is an amazing Christian Recording Artist that I’ve listened to for years.  She’s a very accomplished author, speaker, professor and Director of Education for Renovaré…Do you sleep Carolyn?  🙂   Daniel Blackwell is not to be mistaken for the Danny Blackwell of Maryland who shot at his wife for taking a bite out of his grilled cheese sandwich!  And no, I’m not making that up, check it out for yourself in the Global News Report.  You just can’t make that stuff up 🙂  I believe that this Danny Blackwell is a guy I went to Bible College with but haven’t seen since my second year at E.P.B.C (now MCS).  I guess I’ll have to see at the Awards Gala!

    In just one week Todd and I will be traveling to Toronto for the 2017 Word Guilds Award Gala and I’m even preparing a speech…just in case 🙂


    Celebrating The Women Of The Christmas Story – The Teenager

    Monday MeditationsLaura J. Davis,
    Cheerleaders of Faith #RARaLinkup – Kelly Balarie,
    Coffee For Your HeartHolley Gerth, Word Nerd Wednesdays — Liz Giertz
    Heart Encouragement ThursdayCrystal Storms, Chasing Community  Barbara Bradford Ottinger
    Dance With Jesus LinkupSusan B. Mead, Grace and Truth LinkupArabah Joy, Counting My Blessings – Deb Wolf, Fresh Market FridayCrystal Twaddell

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  • Want Something for FREE?

    If you’ve been following my Author Page Facebook posts then you know that there’s a HUGE contest going on in Canada.  So, if you want something for free, you’ve got to keep reading 🙂 I’m thrilled to be a contributing author to the


    Running February 6 to 12, 2017.

    This is a fantastic opportunity for you to win an amazing prize package by outstanding Canadian Christian authors and recording artists for today and tomorrow.

    Tomorrow on Saturday, February 11, 2017 Todd and I are giving away a prize on Day#6 of 7.

    The package includes:

    • 1 Signed copy of Water In The Desert
    • 1 Signed copy of Soul H2O
    • 1 ‘Amazing Grace’ Necklace by Goodworks Jewelry*
    • 1 Signed copy of 40 Days In The Man Cave
    • 1 $20.00 Tim Horton’s Gift Card

                VALUED AT $80.00

    *Whenever you order Goodworks Jewelry use the Promo Code: sherrystahl and you’ll receive a 5% discount.  Goodworks Jewelry provides me with a referral fee to help fund the ministry.


    Todd and I posted a #FacebookLive Video
    Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 12:30pm
    On My Sherry Stahl Author Page Click on the video image to watch.



    1. Comment on the ‘Mother Blog’ by Sally Meadows for one ballot.
    1. Click on the link to go to the author’s BLOG (hopefully mine!) and leave a Comment under the post about their prize pack for one ballot.      (This post, if it’s my prize pack you’re vying for 🙂  )
    1. Click on the link to go to the author’s FB page and leave a Comment under the post about their prize pack for one more ballot.    (Be Kind and ‘Like’ their Page)

    Thanks for being part of the 7 Days of Great Canadian Giveaways. Please use the #greatcanadiangiveaways tag on your social media posts. 🙂

    *Email will not be made public or reused for other mailing lists.

    HAVE FUN!!!

    HopeStream RadioConfused at all or  just want to learn more?
    Listen to this Hopestream Radio Interview on the Contest:

    ***Please note that Canadian citizens living in Canada ONLY qualify for this particular promotion.
    Contest runs from 8:00 am CST February 6, 2017 to 10:00 pm February 12, 2017.
    Entries submitted prior or after that time period are ineligible for the giveaways.
    For complete contest rules, please go to the event page at

    Sally Meadows


    Sally Meadows
    Five-time National/International Award-Nominated Singer/Songwriter & Author
    Author of The Two Trees and Beneath That Star


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  • Soul H2O Book Launch

    Publishing my second book, Soul H2O is such a different experience than with my first.  With the release of Water In The Desert I didn’t know what I was doing AT ALL!  Now I know A BIT more and realize how difficult it is to get a book out to market successfully.   It’s not that it can’t be done, it’s just harder than I imagined.  Luckily I’m not one to shy away from the hard stuff.  Thankfully, God has been doing some crazy amazing things in my life that are perfectly positioning me for the Soul H2O Book Launch.

    I’m most excited that God is perfectly positioning the right people in my life to help me learn how to do this ‘writing career’ thing.


    screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-1-14-05-pm I’m completely blessed to have blogger Christine Duncan of Precepts and Life Preservers taking the lead on the Soul H2O Social Media Book Launch Campaign and I hope you join us. It’s gonna be fun!  Christine has planned out posts that all you have to do is share and I’ll be doing my best to make it worth your while with some special perks J  You’ll get a prerelease PDF of my book.  I’m doing a Facebook Live today, Wednesday, September 21st that will tell you more.  Hope you can watch live.  If not check the video out later.  I’ll post it on my author Facebook Page.

    screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-1-13-50-pm[imic_button colour=”btn-primary” type=”enabled” link=”” target=”_blank” extraclass=”” size=””]Soul H2O Book Launch Info Page & Launch Team Sign-Up Link[/imic_button]

    Here’s the link if you want more info.  You can even see a sample of the book’s interior here too.

    For this book launch I’ve learned, and am still learning SO many new things!

    I just learned how to make videos with iMovie!  Are you in a time where everything is new for you?  Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you ever moved, started a new job, school, gym or church?  Ok, enough with the interrogation questions. You get what I mean!

    It’s an unsettling feeling when you’re in totally new territory.  I’m so thankful that the Bible is full of relatable people.  They’re not perfect, they’re flawed.  They’re not always brave, they struggle with fear and some get this ‘I don’t know exactly what I’m doing or where I’m going” feeling.  God keeps bringing me back to the story of the Israelites crossing over the rushing Jordan river on dry ground into the promised land story in Joshua 3-4.

    My life is mimicking their experience on both a professional and personal level.  In both areas I am facing a sea of raging uncertain circumstances that will either be the blockage to God’s promises or the pathway to His blessings.  In both situations it’s the second time I’m facing a similar circumstance that didn’t exactly get me into the ‘Promised Land.  Both got me on the journey, but not quite there yet.  I believe the Lord is speaking to me that these ‘second battles’ are the breakthrough battles that lead to overriding victory!

    Here’s a verse that was shining off the page as I read through the story in Joshua:

    “However, stay about half a mile behind them. Don’t come any closer to them so that you will know which way to go because you have not gone this way before.”
    Joshua 3:4

    God directed the Israelites to follow the ark.  They were to stay far enough behind it so they could get a clear vision of where it was going to follow on an easy path.

    God has perfectly positioned me to stand behind some great women of the faith and watch what they’re doing. Authors like Karol Ladd, Mary DeMuth, Jennifer Strickland, Sheila Wray-Gregoire, Sue Detweiler.  Speakers like Peggy Kennedy and Tracey Mitchell.  Bloggers like Kelly Balarie, Crystal Storms, Sarah E Ball and most recently Lindsey Hartz.  TV Hosts like Cheryl Weber and Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.  Publicists like Ellen Graf-Martin, Jeane Wynn and Katie Nguyen.  I don’t take these new relationships for granted.  I thank God for bringing women into my life that encourage, challenge and inspire me to pull out all the stops and move forward with all that God has for my life.  I hope you do the same!

    I’ve been given some opportunities that not a lot of Canadian authors receive. I’ve been offered the opportunity to promote Soul H2O across North America in three phases.  First with the Social Media book launch team.  Second in Bookstores across Canada during December.  My publisher, Warren Benson of Word Alive Press has coordinated US distribution of my book through Anchor Distributors.  Soul H2O is going to be available for purchase in all the Christian bookstores across the US and Water In The Desert is already available!  Now to get the US stores like Family Christian and LifeWay to stock the book like Canadian bookstores are doing.  This is how I feel that God has perfectly positioned me for the next level in publishing with these distribution channels.

    Since we live in the real world, all this great opportunity costs, and boy does it cost!  Because of this…

    I’m doing an Indiegogo Campaign!

    To help execute these opportunities and make them the best they can be, I’ve set up this campaign to presell and sell my new books.screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-12-37-24-pm

    [imic_button colour=”btn-primary” type=”enabled” link=”” target=”_blank” extraclass=”” size=””]Soul H2O Book Launch Indiegogo Campaign[/imic_button]

    screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-1-14-23-pmI’ve partnered together with Word Alive Press, Helena Cho of Goodworks Jewelry  and 100 Huntley Street’s Missions arm, Crossroads Relief and Development Water Projects to offer you some pretty fabulous deals to help bless you as you as you partner with me in bringing His refreshing word to people, at the same time providing clean water to people in need!  Check out the deals on my Indiegogo Campaign where you order the books.  You’ll be personally and beautifully refreshed, some even drenched!  (You’ll have to check out the Perks to know what I’m talking about here!).

    Thanks for your love and support!

    soul-h2o-book-mockupThis mock-up of the book represents what the book looks like.  It is the perfect purse sized devotional to carry with you anywhere, so you can read, anytime.  Stuck at a doctor’s office, no problem.  Waiting at the DMV, no problem anymore.  Spend your time waiting while being refreshed to OVERflowing!

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