• Celebrating The Christmas Women | A Middle-Aged Woman

    Christmas Women - Middle-Aged

    For the next 3 weeks before Christmas I am going to release 3 posts Celebrating the Women of The Christmas Story. I really wanted to title this series: The Teenager, The Middle-Aged Woman and The Senior Citizen I Want to Be Like, but I thought it was a little long 🙂

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  • Bringing Your Soul Into Focus

    Bringing Your Soul Into Focus

    This devotion was inspired by the Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Episode with Melanie Stevenson, Bringing Your Soul Into Focus.  Hope you get refreshed from both Soul H2O media offerings. […]

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  • Soul H2O Radio Anniversary!

    Soul H2O Anniversary

    1 Year WOW!!!! Join Us For 3 Anniversary Events! Soul H20 Radio/Podcast with Sherry Stahl, your weekly on-air Ladies Bible Study Event on JOY Radio is celebrating the show’s one-year Anniversary! We’d love for […]

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  • From Adversity To Adventure

    From Adversity

    For the past two weeks, Todd and I were in Guatemala!!! This is our third trip because the people have gotten into our hearts.  We’ve only been home a few days and we’re planning to go back.

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    called to speak up

    This is just me, answering the call of Proverbs 31:8-9 and speaking up for the crushed, poor, and helpless with hope they will receive justice. I pray you’ll answer the same call to speak righteousness, justice, and truth in love.

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