• Soul H2O Radio Anniversary!

    Soul H2O Anniversary

    1 Year WOW!!!! Join Us For 3 Anniversary Events! Soul H20 Radio/Podcast with Sherry Stahl, your weekly on-air Ladies Bible Study Event on JOY Radio is celebrating the show’s one-year Anniversary! We’d love for you to be there and invite your girlfriends to join in on the fun and inspiration! Don’t miss the Soul H2O Anniversary party on JOY!  DETAILS ON […]

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  • Mover of Mountains—Breaker of Chains


    Get ready to find out how you’re called to be a mover of mountains–breaker of chains… Now I say to you thatyou are Peter (which means ‘rock’),and upon this rockI will build my church,and all the powers of hellwill not conquer it.~Matthew 16:18 NLT Last night I woke up to yet another allergic reaction to […]

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  • Do You Notice The Season Beginning To Change?

    seasons changing

    Praying this devotion helps you see the season beginning to change in your life! Early this August, we followed our normal family tradition and celebrated Shelby’s birthday at the trailer. While my immediate family was there, my cousin was driving by, stopped and honked. So, we all went out by the fence to say hello. […]

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  • From Adversity To Adventure


    For the past two weeks, Todd and I were in Guatemala!!! This is our third trip because the people have gotten into our hearts.  We’ve only been home a few days and we’re planning to go back.

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    called to speak up

    This is just me, answering the call of Proverbs 31:8-9 and speaking up for the crushed, poor, and helpless with hope they will receive justice. I pray you’ll answer the same call to speak righteousness, justice, and truth in love.

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  • Nehemiah–Wash Behind Your Hears

    todd stahl nehemiah

    Good Morning!  In the past few months my computer has been in the shop a few times and it decided to crash again.  I know from many of your emails that these Monday morning devotions are a boost to your week so even though I can’t access my devotions I’m still posting one.  It’s the […]

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  • Easter and The Number Seven

    Seven Artwork Todd Stahl

    Today’s post was written as I reflect on Jesus sacrifice and a piece of my hubby Todd’s art this Good Friday afternoon. It’s all about Easter and the number seven. The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!~John 1:29 […]

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