• Galentine’s Day Inspo

    Galentine's Day Inspo

    Galentine’s Day Inspo This is a day we girls need to celebrate! Make a date and honour your best Gal Pals… or maybe reach out of your inner-circle and connect with someone who needs a girlfriend. Check out the links below for Galentine’s Day Inspo for what to do, what to watch, a special Soul […]

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  • Galentine’s Day Movie Tips

    Galentine's Day Movie Tips

    Galentine’s Day Movie Tips I assume you’re here because you’re looking for good Galentine’s Day Movie Tips but it’s funny that you’re coming to me for advice in one way. That’s because I think I’ve been living under a rock somehow and I’m just learned about Galentine’s Day… a little late to the party but […]

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  • Tough Tattoo

    TOUGH TATTOO When my daughter Shelby graduated from High School, I took her to a tattoo parlor for her Grad gift!  Call me a bad parent and say what you like, but this is a tattoo that just had to be inked!  During her last year of High School, Shelby’s desire to get a tattoo […]

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  • Does Your Presence Bring Peace

    Does Your Presence Bring Peace

    Have you ever had friends or family over and their very presence causes your muscles to tense, heart to beat faster and teeth to clench? Maybe it’s not someone in your personal inner circle but a co-worker, boss, customer or client?  Everyone knows people who by their very presence shift the atmosphere from peace to […]

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  • Tackling The Topic of Suicide


    Blue Monday is a serious issue. Researchers have said that the third Monday of January is noted for being the saddest day of the year.  The consensus is that there are a combination of factors affecting our mood at that time, bringing us down. The Reason’s Why The researchers blame: Bad Weather Post-Christmas Debt Work Stress […]

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  • Crisis Mental Health Help, Suicide Hotlines, and Prayer Support


    If you or a loved one is struggling with suicidal thoughts and tendencies, please ask for help, there’s no need to face this on your own. You can find hope and healing.  If you are in crisis, please go to your local hospital or call 911 immediately. Suicide Prevention Service Hotlines   Call in English: It’s available 24/7/365 days of the year. Call 1-833-456-4566   Call in French: It’s available 24/7/365 days of the year. Call 1-866-APPELLE […]

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  • Mental Health Related Posts

    Here’s a list of mental health related posts from the Soul H2O Blog that help when your mental health is waning. 11 Practical Steps to Help You Control Your ThoughtsDiscusses Depression, Anxiety, Negative thinking Defeating Anxiety By Counting Your BlessingsDiscusses ways we can combat depression. Why Experiencing Weakness After a Mountaintop Moment is NormalDiscusses feeling […]

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  • Your Royal Announcement

    The one who is victorious will, like them,
    be dressed in white…
    I will never erase their names from the Book of Life, but
    I will announce before my Father and his angels
    that they are mine.
    Revelation 3:5 NIV…NLT

    This past weekend was a truly royal celebration with the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle…

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  • Grandma’s Christmas Cookies

    Getting Grandma’s Christmas Cookies From a Friend Here’s my Christmas Message for you! I hope if encourages your heart to know how much God loves you that He GAVE! May it inspire you to give as even little gifts have huge impacts! Gram’s Christmas Cookie Recipe Click HERE to download a Chocolate Yum-Yums Recipe. We […]

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