• What Are You Thinking About?

    What Are You Thinking About

    What you think, fills your heart.  What’s in your heart will eventually come out of your mouth. So, you need to get intentional about what you allow to stay in between those ears of yours!

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  • Riding Out Roller Coaster Emotions

    riding out roller coaster

    During the services God was setting women free, healing hurts, building courage, giving them prophetic words, dreams and visions… It was crazy! These girls get what it’s like to experience roller coaster emotions.

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  • How Powerful Is Your Blow Dryer?

    How Powerful Is Your Blow Dryer

    About a year ago, my blow dryer died. Yes, it was a sad, sad day. I found an old one around the house, but it was so old it didn’t work well.  Honestly, the machine was so weak it should have been stripped of its name ‘blow’ dryer and titled, “The Puffer”. 

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  • Follow Your Dream {Wherever} It Leads

    Follow Your Dreams Wherever It leads

    Two night’s ago, I went to the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) for the first time in my life.  I was beyond excited to go because my cousin Dave Walpole, a well-known Youtuber was one of the main actors in a movie that premiered at the festival.  The theatre was packed with about 30 of our friends and family there to cheer David on! 

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  • Yes, Jesus Loves Me!

    Yes, Jesus loves me

    Bedtimes for my kids were very routine. By 8pm they were in PJ’s, brushing their teeth. After toys were put away, they would be snuggling down for a story. The kids shared my love for books and knew it was a great way to extend their day, so they would always ask for “Just one more Mom”

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