• You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

    You Can Run But

    On Friday I spoke to the Kingsville Divas group about the life of Hagar and even though it wasn’t the focus of my message, I felt so strongly to do a Facebook live to compel someone who was running from God to consider his love and a few wrote to let me know they needed that reminder.

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  • How To Let Go and Live Free

    How To Let Go

    During Easter, it’s always great to read through the story of Jesus’ week of trial and crucifixion. It’s a great way to keep the focus on Christ and not the Easter bunny! This year, as I read, the one part that caused me to really pause and take stock of my life was the little detail given about Peter cutting off the ear of the high priest’s slave.

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  • Your Family of Believers All Over The World

    Your Family of Believers

    News this Easter was heartbreaking for Christians.  An unimaginable horror took place on Easter Sunday morning at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka.  Forever the memories of Easter morning will be marred for those families and friends affected by the bombings.

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  • Leadership Leads… Good or Bad

    I’m overwhelmed when I recognize that you have given me such influence in my world. Help me to be wise with my words and actions so that my life impacts others to know and love you more!

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  • Cruising Like Royalty And Choosing The Right Fork

    Cruising LIke Royalty

    On our last full-day on the cruise, I woke up thankful for all the wonderful the meals we’d had and how amazing the staff made us feel, because they made us feel like family… family going from one banquet to another that is! As I laid in bed thinking about this privilege I was blessed to experience, I began to think about the day when I’ll really get to eat like royalty.

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  • Do you Take Time For Self-Care?


    … I was brought up well to think of others but often, in the past, I would get mixed up thinking others needs were more important than mine.  This faulty mindset would leave me physically, emotionally and spiritually dry… like I’m talking dried up, dusty like the desert floor, all cracked and brown… and that’s no way to live! For sure it’s not the way God wants you to live. God wants you to be good at loving yourself…

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  • I Am Doughty, Not Dowdy!

    During the Detox, I recognized what a grip fear had on my life in a certain area and how it was blocking me from moving forward in my life. I felt the urge to Google search “Antonym of Fear”. As I looked at the lists of words contrary to fear, one stood out; as if it jumped off of my computer screen.The word was doughty.

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