• Who Doesn’t Love A Good Chick Flick?


    To get into the Cinderella mindset I decided to watch Drew Barrymore’s movie, Ever After. I love how strong and stubborn Drew shows this fairy tale girl to be, she’s not some pushover princess. In this version, Cinder girl Danielle frees herself from an evil captor and still lands the prince! It’s a really great story that I’m sure you’d love because girls, who doesn’t love a good chick flick?

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  • Can I Believe in God And Be Depressed?

    When I was a teenager, I was such a happy-go-lucky kind of girl, always seeing the glass half-full. I remember reading through the book of Psalms and thinking

    What’s wrong with David?  This guy really needs to get himself together. One minute he’s singing God’s praises and the next he wants to die. Doesn’t he believe in God?  I mean, his whining is recorded in the Bible? How did this part get in there?

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  • That Voice Behind You

    Last week, Ethan a student from my former Bible College moved into with Todd and I, so he could complete his final internship before Graduation. Talk about making you feel old… he’s younger than my youngest kid, but in the age-range to be my child. Some of his friends are my former classmates’ kids.  It’s such a small world!

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  • What Are You Asking For This Christmas?

    What Are You Asking For This Christmas?

    After coming home from a missions’ trip just four weeks ago, getting into the Christmas gift mindset is a difficult shift. People questioning; What are you asking for this Christmas? In a normal year I find it difficult to give people my Christmas wish,

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  • Stand Up and Do Something!

    Don’t Just Stand There, Stand Up and Do Something! …She just couldn’t stand there and do nothing.  She stood up and did something.  Now our friend is getting the help she so desperately needs.

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