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  • Is It Time To Unpack Your Suitcase?

    Soul H2O Devotion

    Is It Time To Unpack Your Suitcase?

    Is It Time To Unpack Your Suitcase?

    The pandemic is prayerfully coming to a close and the hope of travel is filling my thoughts!

    Overstuffed Suitcases

    Right before the first lockdowns hit, I was supposed to leave for a mission’s trip to Kenya and had my bags packed in preparation. My two bags of humanitarian supplies were crammed as full as I could get them. Since I was bringing summer clothes and we were in the dead of winter here in Canada my personal suitcase was packed and over-stuffed already.

    I cried when I unpacked my personal suitcase.

    I’d left it sitting there packed for a while but then had to face the fact that we weren’t going for a long time as the “two-weeks of lockdown” turned into months. It took our team even longer to come to the decision that we should unpack our humanitarian bags and give the items away because some of the items had ‘best-before’ dates on them and as a result of the pandemic, there were needs in Canada we felt called to meet.

    The Inner Struggle

    Struggling to unpack your suitcase because of a missed opportunity is rough but unpacking the baggage from past hurts will be the most difficult, yet most liberating thing you’ll ever do.

    Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor [perpetual animosity, resentment, strife, fault-finding] and slander be put away from you, along with every kind of malice [all spitefulness, verbal abuse, malevolence].
    Ephesians 4:31 AMP

    Put Away

    After my divorce, I was determined to ‘put away’ as Paul is describing here, all of the unhealthy, unholy, damaging, emotional baggage I had let into the suitcase of my heart… and trust me, it was jam-packed like my Kenya suitcases, pretty much with every article mentioned in this verse. I cry each time I unpack another ‘item’ from my loaded luggage and those tears help to expel the toxicity in my soul.

    This verse in Ephesians makes it really clear what emotional baggage can look like but it’s not a complete list. You can focus on the behaviors and try to change those but that doesn’t seem to produce lasting change. It’s the hard work of pulling out the heart issues that trigger your behaviour that will yield the freedom you desire. The exciting news is that the hard work for you is only in recognizing and admitting these issues in your life, and the easy work happens when you let Christ in to unpack your suitcase. He does the heavy lifting!

    Is it time to unpack your suitcase? Invite Christ in today and let Him bring healing to your heart as you partner with Him for freedom’s sake!


    Father… I’m so thankful that You’re helping me to recognize the sin in my suitcase. I’m going to shift my focus from the things I do, to the things I believe and let stay in my heart. Help me to recognize the article in my suitcase you’re wanting to take out right now. I’m on board to get rid of whatever needs to go and with your grace, I will be free!  In Jesus Name…Amen

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    Drawing from the well

    Verses to help fill up your well.

    1. 1. Ephesians 4:31
    2. 2. Colossians 3:8
    3. 3. Colossians 3:19
    4. 4. 1 Peter 2:1

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    If you’re dry spiritually or going through a difficult circumstance, this course is just what you need! This program has helped thousands walk through the desert road of difficult circumstances. 

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    Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show Joy Radio Original Sherry Stahl
    Oh Canada | EP #72

    Oh Canada is my working out of mixed emotions on this Canada Day week. Find out the good and bad of our nation’s founding on the Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show Episode #72. You can find the  Show Notes at


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  • Getting Stuck In Crappy Situations

    This devotion, Getting Stuck In A Crappy Situation was inspired by the Soul H2O Radio & Podcast, Episode 70 Traveling Through.  Hope you get refreshed from both Soul H2O media offerings. ☺ Make sure to look to the bottom when you’re done reading the devo to see my exciting news and find something for you!

    Let’s dive in, to today’s Soul H2O Devotion, so you can get refreshed!

    Soul H2O Devotion

    Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you, are with me;
    Psalm 23:4

    Getting Stuck in a Crappy SituationGetting Stuck in Crappy Situations

    I watched a funny video the other day about people getting stuck in strange places. A hilarious one showed this lady whose bracelet had fallen off and into the toilet. Trying to recover the bracelet, her watch got stuck and then her arm.

    She was an EMT and knew there was help out there but the embarrassment of making that 911 call and her co-workers showing up kept her stuck in the bathroom for a lot longer than she needed. Finally, she conceded and made the call for help. Not knowing how many people would see her story in a viral video, but if she never made the call, who knows how long she would have stayed stuck in a crappy situation?

    No… I’m not like that!

    Are you ever like this lady? Your stubborn pride keeps you stuck because you’re unwilling to admit that you need help? Ignoring the reality and trying to trudge through but instead of traveling through your desert circumstance, you’re doing nothing more than kicking up sand and getting stuck… deeper and deeper when God is offering you a hand to help.  

    psalm 23Today’s verse is taken from one of the most popular Bible passages and David wrote it as his last bit of wisdom to pass down to his son. David knew what it was like to be trapped in crappy circumstances and how to get through them, reaching God’s purpose for his life. He wanted his son to know how to do the same and left the blueprint for you to follow!

    Even though I walk through the darkest valley,

    I will fear no evil, for you, are with me;

    Psalm 23:4

    God longs to be with you and help you get through the darkest of valleys you face, so you never get stuck in the sand. He will provide a way out… you just can’t be so stubborn; ask for help and then… walk through!


    Father… Thank you for always being with me, in the good times and the baddest of bad. Help me push aside my pride and reach out to the help around me, so I don’t get stuck. Strengthen me to be able to keep traveling through towards your great plans you have for my life. In Jesus Name…Amen

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    Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show Joy Radio Original Sherry Stahl
    Traveling Through | EP #70

    Traveling Through on the Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show Episode #70 will help you to not get stuck. You can find the Show Here–>

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    Drawing from the well

    Verses to help fill up your well.

    1.Psalm 23:4
    2.1 Corinthians 10:13
    3.Psalms 40:1-3 (I love this in The Passion Translation – Google it!)
    3.Jeremiah 29:11

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  • 300 and Being Outnumbered in Battle

    Woohoo! I can’t believe that the devotion you’re about to read is my 300th Soul H2O Devotion!!!

    Soul H2O Growth

    Are you as shocked as I am that it’s been six and a half years since I started sending out the Soul H2O Devotions? First, they went out as emails, then through both the blog and email, next they were included in the first (gonna be more) Soul H2O Devotional book, and now, heard weekly on the JOY Original Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show.

    Some of you reading this have been here since the very first devo (linked below) and I can’t thank you enough for sticking around and being a part of my journey. Even if this is the first Soul H2O Devotion you’ve read, I’m so glad you’re here!

    Prizes Up For Grabs

    Contest for 300 on the blogThis is kind of a BIG deal for me so, I’m hoping you’ll cheer me on… and I’m offering a contest prize for those who do. I’d love to hear how the devotions have impacted your life. They’ve helped me through a lot of tough times… *seriously* writing them has kept me in the Word and seeking to hear from God so, when troubles hit, my well had enough in there to keep me going and help me get through refreshed.

    An Easy Win!

    For all those who comment on how the below Soul H2O Devo or others have helped them, they will be entered to win two signed copies of the Soul H2O Devotional Book {one for you and one for a friend} along with a $30 Amazon Card (within Canada or the Continental USA). *Details Below

    Let’s dive in, to today’s Soul H2O Devotion, so you can get refreshed!

    Soul H2O Devotion

    Midian was subdued before the Israelites and did not raise its head again. During Gideon’s lifetime, the land had peace forty years.
    Judges 8:28 NIV

    300 and Being Outnumbered in Battle

    300 and Being Outnumbered in Battle

    Guys love the movie 300 but as a chick, I just don’t really get it. The Spartans, even with a very buff and beautiful Gerard Butler lose the battle. Now, I know that historically the 300 Spartan soldiers were crazy outnumbered by the Persian empire army and their valiant sacrifice did inspire the Greeks to reconvene and finally overtake their oppressors but by the end of the movie, they hadn’t won.

    I really don’t like movies where the underdog or oppressed one doesn’t win in the end and would have much preferred if the movie 300 was about another completely inspirational battle fought and won by just 300 warriors.

    A Better Story

    That story is recorded in Judges 6-8. The nation of Israel had again fallen into sin, which during that time was worshipping other gods of the people around them which involved some very wrong ritualistic practices. As a result, God backed off. I mean why would he keep protecting them when they had made it clear that they weren’t following Him anymore? Like a rebellious child, they were going to have to learn a lesson the hard way. Israel became oppressed by the Midianites and were so afraid that they were mostly hiding in caves.

    The Miraculous Part

    Finally, people begin to come to their senses and call on God. In response, God calls Gideon to stand up and fight to protect his people from their oppressors and even though they were outnumbered by an army of nations about 450 times bigger than their measly 300 soldiers, God did the miraculous and they experienced peace that lasted 40 years! Now that movie, would end in triumph!

    My 300 Battles

    Throughout the past six and a half years of sending out Soul H2O Devotions, before I got to my 300th Soul H2O Devotion, I’ve experienced times of being outnumbered and sometimes outsmarted by the enemy. The battle has gotten so difficult I felt like I was going to end up annihilated like the Spartans yet each time, as I went to God and His word, I was refreshed and strengthened to continue this fight for the abundant life.


    If you feel like you’re living a little outnumbered right now and that the enemy of your soul is sure to take you down, remember this story of Gideon and the 300 men who battled and won. Make sure to invite God in to be on your side, and the peace He’ll bring will be your victory!   


    Father… I’m so thankful that you don’t leave me outnumbered. You and me are all that’s needed to stand strong in the face of any difficult circumstance. I ask for the grace needed to live in the midst of chaos yet bask in Your presence of peace because You sent Your son to be my Prince of Peace! So today, I will soak in this truth. In Jesus Name…Amen

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    Drawing from the well

    Verses to help fill up your well.

    1. 1. Judges 8:28
    2. 2. Isaiah 9:6
    3. 3. John 14:27
    4. 4. John 16:33

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    Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show Joy Radio Original Sherry Stahl
    Tuning In God’s Voice | EP #69

    Tuning In God’s Voice is Part 4 in the Hearing God’s Voice Series on the Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show Episode #69. You can find the  Show Notes at

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    Where it all began

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  • Do you hear from God?

    So Eli told Samuel, “Go and lie down, and if he calls you, say, ‘Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.'” So Samuel went and lay down in his place.
    1 Samuel 3:9

    Do You Hear From God

    We’re living in a day and age where there are so many competing voices. Each channel on the radio giving different information and filling our minds with conflicting evidence. During the pandemic, our government and health care practitioners have flip-flopped their messages and conflicted with each other many times.  

    How The World Operates vs. How God Operates

    If this is how the world operates, than shouldn’t hearing God be different?  You bet your bottom dollar it should be easy! If hearing from God seems confusing then, I think you just need a little teaching to help you tune out the interference and tune in the voice of God… just like Eli was teaching Samuel to do in this passage.

    But do YOU hear From God?

    So many people think they can’t hear from God, that He doesn’t speak anymore or that it’s just for pastors, preachers or your Sunday School Teacher. Well, I’ve got news for you, if a child like Samuel could learn how to hear the voice of God, than so can you!  

    I can show you how

    To help you learn what Scripture says about God speaking to us and som practical tips to help you Tune out the Interference that blocks you from hearing and Tune in the voice of God, I’ve been studying up a storm and can’t wait to share all that God’s been speaking to me lately.  Join us in the Splash for the next two months as we explore Tuning In to God’s Voice.


    Father, I’m thankful that you still speak to your people today.  You care so much about us.  Please help us to remove all that is in our way of hearing from you. Open our spiritual ears to hear Your voice loud and clear and give us the courage to live it out!  In Jesus Name, Amen.

    Soul H2O Splash Event – Tuning In To God

    Do you struggle to hear God’s voice with all the noise?  Join us for a look at Scripture to see how we can silence all the completing voices, to discern what God is saying.

    ALL women welcome!

    Tuning IN God’s Voice | Tuning OUT the Interference
    Bible Study led by Sherry Stahl
    May 13, 2021 @ 8pm EST

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  • Prayers – That Stick – For Your Children


    prayers that stick for children

    One day some parents brought their children to Jesus
    so he could lay his hands on them and pray for them.
    ~Matthew 19:13 NLT

    When my kids were little, we went through a lot of Band-Aids…I mean A LOT!


    Brandon loved to climb things, skateboard and do tricks on his BMX bike that often ended up in cuts, scrapes, gashes, and quite a few stitches.  Poor Shelby’s a little clumsy like her momma, so it’s safe to say, we kept the Band-Aid brand in business! I only tried no-name band-aids a couple of times and found they didn’t hold but the Band-Aid brand could be counted on to stick.


    Moms, you want band-aids that stick and prayers that stick for your children. Weak, ineffective prayers that don’t stick won’t the effect on your kid’s life that you want.  I’m challenged by this quote I saw from Abraham Lincoln.

    abraham lincoln prayerI remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.
    ~Abraham Lincoln

    Clearly, momma-bear prayers are powerful {that would include Grandma, Auntie or any motherly prayers}.  Don’t underestimate the impact of your prayers in a child’s life!  In any case, I think the best way to pray effectively is to pray as Jesus did.


    Jesus is praying for Peter in Luke 22:32, knowing Peter’s upcoming temptation. He prayed for strength that Peter’s faith wouldn’t fail and for Peter to come back to faith after he turned away.

    John 17 records a bunch of Jesus’ prayers where He starts off praying for himself and then from verse 6 on He’s covering his disciples and all future believers in prayer: that’s you, me, your children, your children’s children… Jesus says,

    “I am not asking that you take them out of the world,
    but that You protect them from the evil one.”

    Jesus’ prayers that stick are not prayers to give us an easy life, remove us from this troubled world and take all our problems away.  Jesus’ sticky prayers are for us to be strong when facing trials, tribulation, and tragedy.

    I imagine these are the kind of prayers Abraham Lincoln’s mother prayed over him because he’s someone who is remembered well for his tenacity to not give up when some of his businesses failed, he had a nervous breakdown or when he lost a lot of elections. Those prayers empowered Abe to reach the destiny God had for his life.


    Just like the prayers of Abraham Lincoln’s mother, your prayers can be the glue that helps your children stick-to God’s plan and not give up.  Your prayers have the capability to produce cushioned kids who can’t handle problems or confident, overcoming, world-changing children that do something for His Kingdom! So, this Mother’s Day, it’s time to get busy and start praying tough prayers that stick!


    Father… I come to you in the tenacity of a momma-bear.  There is nothing I want more than for my children to have all the strength, boldness, and confidence it takes to fulfill the destiny You’ve placed within them. Please do the deep work in my children, in ______________ that you need to do, in order for them to have what it takes to live out their calling to the fullest.  May my children be known as Your faithful followers, living boldly for You!  In Jesus Name…Amen  

    [tweetthis]Your prayers can be the glue that helps your children stick-to God’s plan and not give up! #prayforyourchildren #prayersthatstick[/tweetthis]

    Soul H2O bookIf you liked the refreshing in this #SoulH2O devotion, you’ll love my latest Soul H2O Devotional book: 40 Thirst Quenching Devotions for Women.

    Drawing from the well

    1. Matthew 19:13
    2. Luke 22:32
    3. John 17:15
    4. John 17:18


    Originally posted: 2019-05-08

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  • The HOPE of Resurrection Life

    Easter is an amazing time!  I love hearing the story of Christ’s resurrection, but Good Friday is a difficult day for me.  It felt like the saddest day of the year yesterday. Normally, family gatherings help to lift my spirits, but in another year of Covid Lockdowns, it was rough.  Listening to the horrors that Jesus had to face on my behalf are almost too much to bear, but…then I turned my focus to Resurrection Sunday… and thought, not even a Covid Lockdown could have kept Jesus in the grave!

    Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life.
    Anyone who believes in me will live,
    even after dying.
    Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never ever die.
    Do you believe this, Martha?”
    John 11:25 NLT (italics & bolding added)

    The HOPE of Resurrection Life

     It’s shocking to think that Jesus, the Son of God was resurrected, but to comprehend that you and I can one day experience RESURRECTION LIFE is mind blowing!

    This verse in John makes it clear that anyone who believes in Christ will live…after dying! Jesus had to ask Martha if she believed His statement because, it’s just so hard to fathom. 

    Christians, we don’t need to fear death because God’s Word promises us WE don’t actually die.

    If we don’t need to fear death, then what on earth is worth worrying about? 

    The GREATEST Hope

    This gives us the greatest hope and the greatest confidence.  We live after dying and so do those who believed in Christ before us.  We will one day be with those who have gone on before us.  A blessing that the life-giving power of Christ’s resurrection provides for our RESURRECTION LIFE experience!


    Father…God I thank-you that your resurrection power is at work in ME!  It’s overwhelming and wonderful!  Help me to live in a way that exudes resurrection life in all I do!  May it cause others to want what I have— RESURRECTION LIFE in YOU!  In Jesus Name…Amen.

    Drawing from the well
    1. John 11:25
    2. Romans 8:11
    3. John 3:16
    4. John 1:4

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  • #musicpic songs & Spotify Playlists


    People ask me what are #musicpic songs?

    They’re a collection of songs that have impacted me or guests on my radio/podcast show. My guess is that you’re moved by music just like me. I hope these Spotify Playlists full of #musicpic songs refresh your soul in a whole new way!

    Soul H2O Show Playlist

    These are the Soul H2O #musicpic songs suggested in Soul H2O Devotions and on the Soul H2O Radio/Podcast


    Desert-Water Songs Playlist

    #musicpic songs that go along with the Water In The Desert Book and Online Course

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  • You Just Can’t Keep Silent

    You Just Can't Keep SIlent

    This devotion was inspired during my personal devotions. God just kept speaking to me this message that, you just can’t keep silent. So much so, that I jumped on Instagram Live and shared about it. I hope this inspires you to not keep silent.  

    You Just Can’t Keep Silent

    Growing up, my pastor’s wife, Mrs. Connie Shepherd was a very quiet woman, a little on the reserved side but when she spoke out in church with a prophetic word, she raised her voice and spoke with power and an authority I have seldom heard.  The church would go silent when Mrs. Shep spoke.  There was a holy hush and an awe that filled the place, and we knew, God was speaking directly to us. 

    Like Elizabeth

    I think Mrs. Shepherd was a lot like Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. When she became pregnant as a woman passed her time for childbearing, Scripture tells us that when Mary; pregnant with Jesus, came into her house,

    “Elizabeth was filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit!
    With a loud voice she prophesied with power.”

    Luke 1:42 TPT

    As soon as Elizabeth was done hootin’ and a hollerin’ about what God had done and was going to do, Mary follows suit and breaks out into song about the mercy of God and how crazy it is that He chose her to carry the Christ into the world.

    “And Mary sang this song: My soul is ecstatic,
    overflowing with praises to God!”

    Luke 1:46

    The world may be full of women who just can’t keep silent… but the Bible is full of women who just couldn’t keep silent about Christ and what He’s done for them. Personally, that’s why I do what I do and as we look at the women in Christ’s life, you can see how they don’t keep silent and I hope it inspires you to open your mouth and share, because when God does something,  you’ve just gotta say, or sing something…You Just Can’t Keep Silent!


    Father… I thank You for working in my life and in this world.  I ask you to break off the timidity from me so I can speak with boldness about who You are and what You’ve done, in ways that don’t cause others to reject you but draw them to your mercy. In Jesus’ Name… Amen!

    When God does something,  you’ve just gotta say, or sing something… It's the message of Elizabeth, Mary and Mrs. Shepherd. You Just Can't Keep Silent! #gotellitonthemountain Click To Tweet


    Become a Ministry Partner & help Sherry continue to share Refreshing from God’s Word to thirsty souls!

    Drawing from the well
    1. Luke 1:42
    2. Luke 1:46
    3. Mark 5:19
    4. Luke 8:39

    muicpic playlist

    #musicpic SONG:
    Light it Up by Terrain

    Youtube Video: Soul H2O 2020 Spotify

    Playlist: Online | On App

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  • Does God Care About Your Sex Life?

    In today’s Soul H2O Deeper Waters post, I dared to delve into the question, Does God Care About Your Sex Life? A hot topic in a sex-charged society and you might be surprised by what the Bible has to say.

    Normally, I send out short devotions, but sometimes I just have more to say about a topic and they might not follow the Soul H2O Devotions format. I will share these posts as Soul H2O Deeper Waters readings and hope they help you to dive in deep to God’s Word!

    Downloadable Soul H2O Journal Pages help you dive deeper into God’s Word with the teaching segment, devotions or Deeper Waters posts.  You can find them HERE.

    Sex Life

    Does God Care About Your Sex Life?

    February is deemed the month of love.  Last week we celebrated Galentine’s Day on the Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show, In The Soul H2O Splash and on the Soul H2O Blog.  I encouraged you to share some love with your Gal Pals.

    This week, many of us are still celebrating since much of Canada and parts of the US was in lockdown on Valentine’s Day.  You’re finally allowed to have that romantic dinner out. But what does romance and Christianity have to do with each other?  I mean, Does God Care About Your Sexuality?

    Before you dismiss this question and hope that I’ll move on from it, think about God’s dialogue with Adam and Eve in the garden, soon after the fall.

    The Trick

    In Genesis 3 we read how Satan tricked Adam and Eve into disobeying the one rule God gave them.

    Satan told them that the immediate reaction to eating the forbidden fruit would be a freedom from death and to be like God… which they already were, and to know the difference between good and evil, making them believe they would become better; but since Satan is a liar, Adam and Eve’s experience didn’t go as advertised to them.

    The Effects of The Fall

    Scripture shows us how Adam and Eve were left struggling with guilt over their choice to rebel against God’s direction. For the first time, human beings felt shame.  This crippling emotion triggered that fight, flight or freeze response in Adam and Eve to run away and hide from God in the forest.

    Shame caused them to want to hide their bodies.  Genesis records that shame over their nakedness was an, immediate response to sin. In this effort to right their wrong in some way, “they sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves.  (GN 3:7)

    The Reckless Love of God

    I want you to pay close attention to God’s response to their answer when, true to His character, He searches them out. God calls out, hā-’ā-ḏām”, the term he used for both Adam and Eve until Adam gave his wife a separate name after their fall. In Genesis 3:20 Adam called her Chavvah (ḥaw-wāh), or Eve as we say in English.

    {If you want to learn more about this, listen to Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show EP#31 We Rule with Amanda Benckhowsen)

    God calls out to both of them,

    “hā-’ā-ḏām”, Where are you?”
    Genesis 3:9

    Adam responds,

    “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”
    Genesis 3:10

    To which God asks:

    Who told you that you were naked?
    Genesis 3:11

    What God Didn’t Say

    God didn’t scold them by saying, “You bad people, you can’t hide from me.” Or “Well it’s about time you put some clothes on!”and He didn’t say, “I’m glad you covered yourself, your bodies are shameful!” NO. He didn’t.

    Before The Fall

    This might be awkward to some people listening to this show, but God was fine with Adam and Eve’s nakedness, and so were they… until sin entered the picture. 

    You see, before sin entered the world and messed everything up, God chose to start the world with a couple, sharing intimately in the garden, without shame.

    God created your sexuality to be expressed in passion, vulnerability, and intimacy. It’s how He designed you. 

    The most beautiful expression of your sexuality is to be a metaphor of the love relationship between Christ and His church. Not in any weird way, but a whole, holy union, a covenant of love, faithfulness and security, expressed through passion, vulnerability, and intimacy as the Songs of Solomon portray.  The love life of a Christian couple should resemble the romance of that book, not a lackluster, boring, or unemotional existence of two roommates.

    What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

    But, if you don’t know God as a loving Father, Friend and Creator, you’ll have wrong mindsets towards your love life.  If you see God as an authoritative, punitive, killjoy with lots of rules, then you might tend to think of God’s viewpoint on our sexuality as, well, shameful.

    Shame around your body and sexuality, when expressed in healthy ways is not from God. Shame is from the devil, the one who starts the accusative self-talk that demeans, discourages and can defeat us, if we allow it to continue. 

    He Cares

    Know that God Does care about your sexuality. He created you and doesn’t condemn you. He doesn’t shame you.  God wants the best for you and any direction He gives in His Word is never to punish but protect you, sparing you from hurt, so you can live His best and life to the full!

    In His Grip,

    Sherry-heart-xoxo pink

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  • Gal Pals

    This devotion was inspired by the Soul H2O Radio & Podcast EP 56 with my gal pal Kathleen Hardaway.  Hope you get refreshed from both Soul H2O media offerings. ☺

    Galentine’s Day

    Gal Pals

    Well, I want to wish all you girls a Happy Galentine’s Day! I love hearing from you and hope more of you join us in the Soul H2O Splash Group on Facebook.

    Galentine’s Day is a newer holiday that was started back in 2010 through the power of tv.  In the second season of Parks & Rec, they named an episode “Galentine’s Day” where the quirky character of Leslie Knope played by Amy Poehler gathers some of her closest gal pals on February 13th for their annual brunch of waffles and love.

    I think it’s crazy how a tv show has created this really beautiful holiday that can take your mind off of Valentine’s and any heartache that might bring, to focus on something we can all celebrate because as Leslie’s says in the Galentine’s Day inaugurating episode, the day is all about,

    “Ladies celebrating ladies.”

    I love that! 

    So, this year I decided it was time to start celebrating Galentines Day and planned an online brunch with girls in the Soul H2O Splash, some Zoom meetings with girlfriends, and next week I tape with my Fab Four friend group on the topic of Friendship for The Goodness Speaks Show, watch my social media to find out when that show airs.

    To say that I believe having Gal Pals is crucial to you living your happiest, most fulfilled and purposeful life, is an understatement. I don’t believe you can get to the destiny God had for your life without a posse of women to cheer you on and open doors for you. 

    We need each other. 

    Women have been helping each other to live out their purpose in Gal Pal Packs since Bible Days.  I love how the New Testament writers record the stories of Jesus’ female disciples. They didn’t often get pulpit mentions in the last century, but often when you read about Jesus with his 12 main guys, it says this group of women were there with them… and they weren’t just creepy groupies. 

    Women were key in Jesus’ birth, childhood, ministry, death, resurrection, ascension, and the spread of the gospel in our world. It’s probably why the orthodox and Catholic churches have venerated about 41 women as saints. Females are integral to the health and growth of the church.

    You can read about the impact the first Gal Pal Pack made in Luke 8:1-3. It tells about how Jesus went out on a ministry tour and how “His twelve disciples traveled with him as did a number of women.”

    Jesus broke all cultural norms and acceptable practices of a Rabbi to include women in His ministry and social circles. Jesus, was one of the first Feminists, placing value and worth on the women around him.

    Throughout the gospels, this group of women had some key leaders who were mentioned numerous times.  There was Susanna, Joanna, Salome, Mary the Mother of James, Mary the mother of Jesus, and Mary from Magdala or Mary Magdalene as many call her. Luke 8:3 says these women and “Many other women supported Jesus ministry from their own personal finances and also traveled with him.”


    Together, these girls were Jesus’ financial and ministry partners, together they were powerful, together they made a difference.

    You too can make a difference in this world with the right pack of Gal Pals.  So, don’t let this Galentine’s Day pass by without making sure to build on the friendships that will help you fulfill your God-Given destiny!


    Father… I thank you for including women in your call and that I’m one of them!  You have good plans and purposes for my life and I’m thankful for the women in my life you’ve placed there to help inspire me to live my best life. Help me to reciprocate the same. In Jesus’ Name…Amen


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    Drawing from the well
    1. Luke 8:1-3
    2. Matthew 28:1
    3. Mark 16:1 / Luke 24:1
    4. Acts 1:12-14

    ep 56 gal pals kathleen hardaway
    EP 56 Gal Pals With Kathleen Hardaway

    Gal Pals features an interview with author and speaker, Kathleen Hardaway as she shares her story of overcoming the loneliness of being single by chasing after her God-Given destiny with Gal Pals by her side, on the Soul H2O Radio & Podcast Show, Episode #56.

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