ask dont assume…when the Israelites heard that they had built the altar…the whole assembly of Israel gathered to go to war against them.”                                           Joshua 22:11-12 (NIV)
Texting is both the best and worst invention of the century!  How often are texts read with the wrong message being received?  We can read them with the wrong tone and misunderstand what was trying to be said.  Auto correct makes our lives even more difficult!  When it comes to texting we would be good to “Ask” before we “assume” the worst!
The Israelites sort of followed the “Ask, Don’t Assume” motto.  After they got into the Promised Land 2 ½ tribes settled across the Jordan River, by their choice.  They’re called the Trans-Jordan Tribes.  Immediately build an “imposing” altar the Bible says.  It was big enough that it could either be seen across the river or was such a spectacle that it became all the talk.  Somehow, the other 9 ½ Israelite tribes found out.  They assumed that their relatives had left the faith and built an altar to another god.  Infuriated, they were ready to go to war against them.  Thankfully, they sent over tribal leaders to check out what was going on before sending over the army.  Instead of asking though, they began telling the Trans-Jordan tribes off for leaving the faith in building the altar.  How embarrassed they must have been when they finally let their brothers explain and found out that they built the altar to be a memorial that God brought them there.  Their discussions brought the truth to light and strengthened their relationship with each other.
So, learn another lesson from watching the Israelites do it right and wrong.  The next time someone upsets you, before you let your mind go crazy…Ask, don’t assume!
Father…Thank-you for being with me in every circumstance of life.  Please help me to control my thoughts and ask before I assume the worst.  I need your help to wisely discern the situations of my life. In Jesus Name…Amen.
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Sherry Stahl