Month: January 2018

  • Am I Worth Following?

    Many other people went up with them.~Exodus 12:38 NIV

    When you think about ‘following people’ these days doesn’t your mind go right to social media?

    Well, mine goes further back than that.  My brain goes right back to childhood memories when someone would follow me around…in that annoying, copy-cat kind of way, when a kid just wouldn’t give up and mimicked my every move. It used to drive me crazy! I mean…was I really worth following?

    My church is in the middle of a series on Moses.  Each week I’m hearing new perspectives on Moses’ life and the story about the Israelites leaving Egypt. When I was reading the story in my Bible, I re-read something I had made a note on years ago and I think it’s a part of the Exodus story details you might have missed?

    I’m guessing you know God brought the Israelites out of bondage from Egypt through the Red Sea since Charleton Heston or Steven Spielberg’s, The Prince of Egypt taught you that much!  Reading your Bible explains how eventually, the people got it together and entered The Promised Land but…

    [tweetthis]Did you know it wasn’t just the Israelites that left Egypt under Moses’ leadership? [/tweetthis]

    The Bible tells us that

    many other people went up with them”.

    The original wording makes is clear that there were people of different nationalities who followed Moses and the Israelites, out of Egypt and into the desert.  Scripture doesn’t give us a reason why these people followed the Israelites out of town, but I don’t think it takes rocket-science to figure it out why they were worth following.

    The people would have seen God at work in the miraculous signs and wonders He performed through Moses, all to deliver the people He loved. They would have seen God provide for His people. Who wouldn’t want to join that group? Because of Moses’ and the other Israelites boldness, people were willing to take a stand and follow God’s leading for themselves.

    When I was young I didn’t like people following right behind me; but as I read Moses’ story with fresh eyes, I’m filled with the desire to live a life worth following and I hope you are too!


    Father…Thank you for loving me. I ask that my life would be marked with signs and wonders of Your hand at work so, others will be drawn in and find my life worth following.  Help me to lead a clear, straight path right to Your heart.  In Jesus Name…Amen

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    Drawing From The Well - Brown and Blue

    1. Exodus 12:38
    2. Exodus 12:19
    3. John 12:32
    4. 1 Corinthians 11:1, 1 Corinthians 4:16


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  • I Got a Thank You Card In The Mail!

    Here’s a Thanksgiving post all about getting a Thank You Card!

    One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice. 16 He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him—and he was a Samaritan.”

    Luke 17:15-16 NIV

    thank you card in the mailThere’s not a lot of mail we like to open.  Usually I get excited when I see an “It’s a GOOD mail day!” sticker on my #EllensPicks packages, but this week I was thrilled when I saw a small handwritten notecard addressed to little ole me.  I got a Thank You card in the mail!

    A Thank You Card From Patty

    Opening a handwritten note from Patty Scott; a blogger at Hearts Homeward made my day!  This sweet girl from California that I met online through blogging helped me with some ideas I was working on for online Bible study courses so, I sent her a copy of my books.  The first time she got my package it was torn and empty {Insert a big sigh}.

    Patty let me know what happened and thanked me for trying. Well…I wasn’t going to let the postal service block my gratitude, so I sent her another package covered in shipping tape!  Patty was writing this card to: thank me for the books, tell me how she was looking forward to ‘diving in’ and then wrote a prayer of blessing over my life…how encouraging is that!


    You might think this is a common occurrence for me?  I’ve given away a ton of books, many have expressed their appreciation, but few have gone so far as to send me a thank you card in the mail.

    Although I didn’t do anything of similar magnitude, this reminded me of Jesus and the 10 lepers.  These guys went to Jesus and asked for a healing. Life was tough for them with such a severe skin disease.  They couldn’t work or even live in town.  When they received their healings it says that only one came back and thanked Jesus.

    Luke 17:15

    This lack of gratitude really didn’t sit well with Jesus and he responded saying, “Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? 18 Has no one returned to give praise to God except this foreigner?” 19 Then he said to him, “Rise and go; your faith has made you well.”1 The writer of Hebrews reminds people that we need to show gratitude towards God by saying, “Since we are receiving a Kingdom that is unshakable, let us be thankful.”

    So here’s my challenge to you this week…get busy writing so someone will be able to say,

    I Got a Thank You Card In The Mail!


    Father…my heart is full of gratitude for all You’ve done.  Forgive me for the times I didn’t let You or the others in my life know how much I appreciate them and all they do.  Fill my heart with gratitude and let it spill out in words of blessing and encouragement today.  In Jesus Name…Amen

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    Soul H2O bookIf you liked the refreshing in this #SoulH2O devotion, you’ll love my latest Soul H2O Devotional book: 40 Thirst Quenching Devotions for Women.


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    Drawing from the well

    1. Luke 17:11-19 NIV

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