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Hey there!

— W E L C O M E —

If you’re looking for spiritual refreshing, then you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to have your thirst quenched!

If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet…I’m Sherry Stahl…




Since I grew up at the dragstrip, I think you’ll find me relatable; just a girl who loves Jesus and it’s my passion to help you relate truths in the Bible to your everyday life.


NO ONE likes a fake. If you hear me speak and meet me offstage, you’ll find the same girl. I commit to be authentically me!


If you read my “About the Author” page in any of my books, you’ll learn how even my very name hints to God’s calling on my life to be a refreshing voice; not judgy and no shaming here!


I live to inspire the best in you!  My life mission is really to help you get to know God so you can see how much He loves you and understand His great purpose for your life!

Sherry Stahl, is a dynamic author, speaker, blogger and radio host with a life changing message to share.


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Soul H2O - 2022 Best Blog of The Year

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RISE Women's Conference 2023
i will rise | Micah 7:8


Esther 4:14

Great Food… Great Fun… Great Friendships will be build here!

This will be the event of the year for women & you don’t want to miss out!

Come get encouraged so you say like Micah did…

though i fall…


You will be inspired to break free from the things that are holding you back and move passionately towards the incredible life God has for you as you learn to RISE!


  • “Sherry Stahl shares from her own heart and pours into yours.”

    Karol Ladd—Author, Speaker & Blogger
  • “Sherry’s refreshing devotional thoughts draw from a deep well.”

    Ellen Graf-Martin—President Graf-Martin Communications, Speaker, Blogger
  • “Quick but compelling devotions…a powerful impact in the midst of our busy lives.”

    Ruth Thorogood—Executive Director, The Word Guild
  • “Each week I look forward to seeing Soul H2O e-mails and blogs appear with the needed ‘fresh drink’!”

    Georgia Martin—Interior Designer, Soul H20 Reader
  • “This book is a powerful, poignant reminder that God is the source of joy, refreshment and strength in time of need.”

    Rachelle Fletcher—Singer, Songwriter, Speaker
  • “Sherry inspires you with Soul H2O.”

    Sue Detweiler—Author, Speaker, Radio Host and Pastor
  • “I have grown tremendously over the last few years reading Sherry’s Soul H2O devotions.”

    Erica Heil—Teacher & Bible Study Leader, Regular Soul H20 reader
  • “Uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging. I changed while reading this book.”

    Jennifer Strickland—U R More Founder, Speaker & Author
  • “Soul H2O will help you start each day with hope and purpose.”

    Cheryl Weber—Co-host of 100 Huntley Street
  • “If you’re thirsty for hope, encouragement and direction then
    this should be on your beside table!”

    Sarah E Ball—Author, Speaker & Blogger
  • “God used Sherry’s words to speak directly to me, in ways she’ll never know.”

    Sheila Wray Gregoire—Speaker, Author and Blogger
  • “May I commend Sherry’s well-outlined study of the ONLY SOURCE that will ever SATISFY! God created us to drink from the Well of Living Water! Our souls will thirst as if in a desert until they find the parch quenched from that Spring!”

    Rev. Donna Thorne—Director, Teen Challenge Women’s Shelter
  • “Sherry’s book is a refreshing and practical guide for anyone who has a desire to soak in scripture.”

    Joanne Goodwin—International Speaker
  • “We count it a privilege to know Sherry, to have had her speak to the women as well as the congregation of our church, and to be among the first to read this devotional. She is the real deal!”

    Rev. Mark & Andrea Giancola, Executive Director of Braeside Camp
  • “With deep insights drawn from experience, personal heartache and recovery, Sherry brings us back to Father God as she offers down-to-earth guidance, help and solutions to the everyday situations we all face. It’s an awesome book that will be a great help to many!”

    Sue Augustine—Motivational Speaker, Author
  • “‘Water in the Desert’ is overflowing with the refreshing promises of God, offering hope for the weary traveler in a dry and barren land. With this study of Scriptures and a look at her own journey through the Sahara, Sherry gives testimony of how the streams of living water can bring not only survival but revival!”

    Rev. Nathan & Rachel Albrecht—Lead Pastors at LakePoint Family Church, Leamington, ON
  • “‘Water In The Desert’ will refresh your soul, revive your heart and renew your hope. Come. Drink. Believe. Your desert time really can turn into beautiful gardens!”

    Kathy Mainse—Former Co-Host of 100 Huntley Street
  • “Without God’s Word I never would have made it through my desert. That living water transforms a desert into a precious place—a place you treasure and thank God for. ‘Water in the Desert’ beautifully captures this truth. Drink deeply my friend and live!”

    Sue Keddy—Women’s Connection Director; Western Ontario District of the PAOC
  • “Sherry has a profound personal experience with God and she vividly couples her personal experiences with the Word of God.”

    Gabby Mejia—Pastor, International Speaker
  • “Sherry invites us to journey with her as she explores the tests and trials of biblical characters that also challenge us today. An overcomer herself, Sherry offers clear insights and a scriptural perspective that applies directly to our lives.”

    Rev. Dave and Sue Wells—(Dave) General Superintendent of the PAOC & (Sue) Best Selling Author, Speaker
  • “Soul H2O devotions on Monday mornings…’setting the flow for the week’.”

    Rev. Peggy Kennedy—Author, International Speaker
  • Karol Ladd
  • Ellen Graf-Martin
  • Ruth Thorogood
  • Georgia Martin
  • Rachelle Fletcher
  • Sue Detweiler
  • Erica Heil
  • Jennifer Strickland
  • Cheryl Weber
  • sarah e. ball
  • Sheila Wray Gegoire
  • Donna Thorne
  • Joanne Goodwin
  • Mark and Andrea Giancola
  • Sue Augustine
  • Nathan and Rachel Albrecht
  • Kathy Mainse
  • Sue Keddy
  • Gabby Mejia
  • Dave and Sue Wells
  • Peggy Kennedy